What’s happening weekly at #PMQs – and you won’t see/hear in the media

After Jeremy Corbyn’s latest ritual humiliation of Theresa May at PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) today, I was going to write about the stark contrast between his authenticity and May’s ever-twitchier shiftiness and the way in which the media routinely ignores or reframes it such that anyone who hadn’t actually seen it would think it had been a draw or worse for Corbyn.

Then @Rachael_Swindon wrote this, which says it brilliantly. No point reinventing the wheel, so please click through for a great read and a far more authentic perspective than you’ll read in almost any mainstream channel or publication.

And do donate if you can – as well as writing the blog and being a full-time carer, she’s also running a fantastic campaign against ESA cuts and deserves all the support we can give her.


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