Tatchell media’s ‘hero’ for Corbyn picket. Here’s what he says re sex with children.

This blog yesterday covered Peter Tatchell’s ludicrous disruption of a Jeremy Corbyn speech on domestic violence against women – to ‘challenge’ on Syria one of the few politicians who has consistently opposed bombing that has only worsened the situation.


The media have lionised Tatchell, ignoring Corbyn’s speech on a vital issue almost entirely to focus on the protest – with Tatchell, of course, at the centre of every image. Corbyn handled the interruption with grace and class, but you’ll only find that on social media and Youtube, not in the mainstream.

The Tory-suborned media have a long track record of giving huge attention and legitimacy to hideous characters with unconscionable views – but you’d hope even they would blanch at treating as a hero someone who thinks it’s sometimes ok to have sex with children.

This is not a sick joke or a hatchet job, but Tatchell’s own words – in a letter published in a newspaper’s comment section:


Apparently, absolutely anyone can have a positive reception from broadcast and print media – as long as they provide an opportunity to bash Corbyn, or to prevent his often-compelling words reaching the ears of the public.

The BBC and other news media should issue a grovelling apology to Corbyn and to their viewers/readers for seeing fit to ignore real news and the hugely-important topic of violence against women in favour of showcasing a self-promoting advocate of child abuse.

And they should start doing the bloody job we have a right to expect from them.

Hat-tip @louiserawauthor for the find

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  1. Live human sacrifices were once considered normal, shall we go back to those times?
    Your image, might be clearer if you scan it in grayscale, instead of black and white?

  2. Obviously being a professor does not equate to the capacity for rational thought or great intellectual capacity, his rational is deeply flawed, to infer that having sex with children is normal and enjoyed by by both parties, when one is as young as nine years old is an unsupportable statement, based on the words of a child who has been programmed from birth to obey adults is laughable. Do these people believe that for a young girl of this age does not suffer when losing her vaginety or a young boy when buggered by an adult and this they find sexually exiting beggars belief, such people spreading ideas such as this should be prosecuted with the full vigor of the law for the crime of encouraging the rape of young children and placed in prison as an example to others of similar persuasion.

  3. Mr Tatchel went down in my estimation after that ludicrous protest but after reading that letter as far as I’m concerned he’s persona non grata from now on.

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