BBC apologises for Kuenssberg punctuation gaffe

The BBC has today issued an abject apology after a punctuation error caused unprecedented offence across the UK.


BBC spokeswoman, Ali Temahat, said.

This week our BBC Politics Twitter account announced that our Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg had won the Journalist of the Year award:

This was the result of an error in punctuation on the part of the operator who typed it in and should have read:


This seemingly-simple error completely changed the meaning of the tweet and was deeply misleading.

As everyone knows, journalists cover real news with objectivity and a genuine attempt to portray events in their true light. They also break, well, news that otherwise might not be reach the public’s awareness, in the noble tradition of Woodward and Bernstein. The British Journalism Awards recognise outstanding work by journalists.

‘Journalists’ on the other hand, rehash old stories and propaganda and put a spin on them approved by billionaire owners or, in the case of the BBC, the Tory party. The British ‘Journalism’ Awards recognise the most shameless and obsequious exponents and it is this award – of course – that Laura has won.

We would like to offer our deepest apologies for this error and any offence is has caused, which we are sure is profound, whether to actual journalists or to those who believe in the importance of actual news. The operator responsible has blamed a sticky apostrophe key. Sorry.

(Just in case you’re not sure, this is satire. But not really.)

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