Kwarteng on tonight’s #BBCQT. Here’s the book he co-authored that insults the whole country.

Kwasi Kwarteng is on tonight’s BBC Question Time. Here’s the nonsensical, offensive, revealing book he co-authored, that insults pretty much every British person.


The area where I live is blessed with some incredible countryside with the Dales on one side and the North Yorkshire moors on another. Whenever I visit a place of particular beauty, which I try to often, I always end up asking myself whether people who are born and bred there appreciate what they’re living amongst, or whether it just becomes so familiar that it’s simply a barely-noticed backdrop to their lives that it’s hardly a factor in their perception of the ups and downs of life. I hope it’s the former, because it would be a tragedy to live in such a setting and not fully enjoy it.

I had the privilege of going to upper Teesdale with a group of people from one of the poorer areas of our town yesterday – and it was both humbling and challenging to see the wonder and enjoyment that they showed…

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