What a (polling) difference a month of ‘moderate’ stfu makes


So, the latest IPSOS-Mori voting intention poll is out – and what a revelation it is:


After constant sniping about everything, including Labour’s ‘disastrous’ 18-point polling deficit that they (of course) blamed on the supposedly-‘unelectable’ Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s (anything-but-) ‘moderates’ have been relatively quiet for just a few weeks.

No positive contributions to speak of from the faction that considers itself Labour’s ‘best and brightest’.

Just relative silence. Which shows that just how ridiculous their blaming of Corbyn for poor polling has been when they have been undermining the party’s credibility.

As this blog observed last week, Trump’s election victory in the US clearly showed that even the most obviously malign idiot can win against a party whose Establishment undermines its best, most in-tune candidate in favour of ‘more of the same’.

And what happens if the ‘old guard’ simply keeps quiet? Labour gains 4% – and the Tories lose 5%. An overall 9% swing.

A halving of the polling deficit – in a single month.


  • Because Corbyn is consistently winning PMQs, even in the opinion of the more honest of his enemies:

  • Because his post-election-victory front-bench team is stellar and makes the Tories look like the bankrupt snake-oil sellers they are
  • Because Corbyn (authenticity, heart and integrity count and stand out)
  • Because the Tories are, in spite of efforts to hide it, in turmoil over Brexit
  • Because the effects of the prolonged, relentless attack on the NHS can no longer be hidden or spun over
  • Because most people have enough sense to be sick to death of stupid, counter-productive austerity and they know who’s idea it is – and will get behind a clearly anti-austerity party if it gives them chance

And a host of other reasons, probably.

What is clearly not a reason is anything to do with any active contribution from the so-called moderates.

Just their silence. Which just goes to show:

  1. how damaging Progress’ attempts to revivify the rotting corpse of their approach will be if they succeed and how important it is to make sure they don’t
  2. How deeply the ‘rebels’ have been responsible for Labour’s poor polling
  3. how well the party could manage without them – let alone how it would be even better if they were replaced by better MPs able and willing to ‘get with the programme’ and add their ‘part’ to the sum making up the whole

But until then, we’ll settle for ‘stfu’ – because with a government as dire and malignant as this one, even that will make all the difference.


  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    If only ALL Labour MPs turned to face our class enemy, the Conservative Party, and, in unison, consistently attacked them.

  2. It is time for the old guard to leave. They have cost us the last two elections, They totally disrespected the democratically elected choice of the membership. The old NEC and Ian McNicholl were seen to be actively trying to rig the second leadership election, Those of the PLP were also guilty of fabrication of incidents. The party was made a laughing stock with their antics and resignations in public. They should all be removed as soon as possible. All the members who were suspended should have been reinstated with an apology from Ian the Incompetent McNicholl. People do want change and it would seem that Jeremy is providing the opportunity they have been crying out for. The right of the party will be out in the cold for a long time.
    The Tories are in disarray over Brexit, Labour should tear them apart and UKIP as well. Labour has to have a plan ready to put in place.
    I do hope the party can take back control from the PLP and clear out the offending members of the NEC. Then perhaps people like me may return to the party. Then the real fight for our heartlands can get into high gear,

  3. Having just watched the debate on Prison Officer Safety, a matter of concern in recent news, you might ask our esteemed leader why the shadow Minister was sitting in front of rows of bare benches while the govt could at least muster a few on their side. Where were the TU sponsored MPs for the prison officers union.?

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