Please have your input on this model motion to negate illegal NEC rule change


As regular readers will know, in September this blog covered the ‘silent coup‘ attempt by the Labour right wing to seize control of the party’s ruling committee, the NEC (National Executive Committee) by means of an illegally-crowbarred change to the composition of the NEC to include two additional members – members to be appointed by the anti-Corbyn heads of Welsh and Scottish Labour.

A Manchester Labour member is preparing a model motion for use by his CLP and others around the country, calling for the rule change to be quashed because of the illegal way in which it was forced through.

He is asking for input from other members around the country, to fine-tune the motion into its best form. Please spare a few minutes to go and read the motion and, if you have any comments or suggestions, leave them via the comment box provided.


  1. I wish all the best with taking back the NEC but I have now rescinded my membership of the party. I have a large extended family. so the party has lost at least 30+ votes. extrapolate that by the 7000 then the significance is eyewatering. The NEC members who authorised the suspensions are the same people who have hijacked the NEC. Then of course the arrogant incompetent Ian McNicholl who has cost the party a fortune in fines still be in his job. I am afraid I don’t think I can stomach any more of this. so a long rest is in order. But good luck.

    1. Well, he does describe it himself as ‘clumsy’ – it’s a first draft, just a discussion starter so it’s clunky, but something that needs doing. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  2. I’ve restructured the early part of the motion to make it more easily readable now, @Merry MichaelW

  3. as skwawkbox himself states, theres plenty of room to reword the motion or highlight sections which need improvement.

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