Benn’s CLP landslide to Corbyn.Watch out for ‘abuse’ accusations


Hillary Benn’s Leeds Central CLP (Constituency Labour Party) has voted in a landslide to install supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. As the quote above from one of its new officers says, his face was a picture – one imagines not of delight.

The SKWAWKBOX congratulates Leeds CLP on an excellent democratic move – and also warns them to take extra care.

Brighton Hove and District Labour Party saw similar results not too long ago – and these were followed by a witchhunt based on invented allegations of abusive, bullying behaviour as a pretext for the suspension of the DLP and eventual expulsion of its chair.

Wallasey CLP voted in new, pro-Corbyn officers and was about to vote no-confidence in its MP, Angela Eagle, when suddenly allegations sprang up that Ms Eagle had to endure homophobic abuse – from a CLP whose chair and secretary are each the proud parents of gay children, during a meeting she did not even attend.

Riverside CLP in Liverpool voted overwhelmingly to support Jeremy Corbyn – and an anonymous ‘dossier’ of anonymous allegations of ‘entryism’ and antisemitism mysteriously materialises, with the CLP’s own, anti-Corbyn MP calling for its suspension. An investigation is about to begin.

There are people in positions of influence in the Labour party structure who are determined not to allow Corbyn supporters to take their democratically-earned positions of influence in local parties and who plainly have few qualms about confecting evidence-free allegations to prevent it.

Hopefully, flagging this pattern will make those miscreants think twice about repeating their all-too-obvious tactic.

But I strongly advise Leeds Central to video all their meetings from now on.


  1. We had first hand knowledge of this meeting which was carried out in a very comradely way with Hillary Benn in attendance, having accepted the invitation. He was the teller,on the ballots and was even awarded a Jeremy Corbyn badge as a momento.
    All went well and the future looks better. I do believe that as Mr. Benn also voted Aye on the Yemen/Saudi motion that it could be assumed that he knew,of the impending CLP motions too.

  2. “But I strongly advise Leeds Central to video all their meetings from now on.” Is this allowed without written permission of other members in attendance?

  3. What a terrible indictment of the Labour Party, that meetings need to be recorded …. but I believe that justice and democracy will prevail. We are many …. Solidarity to Leeds, from Brighton & Hove.

  4. One correction. Liverpool Riverside has not voted in a pro-Corbyn executive as the AGM has been suspended pending said investigation. Apparently to prevent/delay any such democratic process occurring. What they do not understand is that it is not a minority of party members that would back a pro-Corbyn representation within the constituency party. They have chosen to go after a minority which will of course be fruitless for them. Liverpool riverside nominated Corbyn as leadership candidate with a substantial majority (115 to 37) despite only around 20% in attendance being members of Momentum.

  5. Great article, but a correction. Riverside Liverpool have had our AGM postponed and we are now under investigation for ‘anti-Semitism’ and entryism. This was provoked by JC receiving a large majority in the nomination meeting in August. The Exec remains under control of those opposed to JC.

  6. Great article, but correction. Riverside Liverpool is currently ‘under investigation’ for ‘anti-Semnitism’ and entryism. Our AGM has been postponed. As a result the current anti-JC Exec remains in control. This move was probably prompted by the large majority voting to nominate JC for leader in July.

  7. Not quite right [sic] about Liverpool. Riverside’s AGM ~ at which Executive elections were to be held ~ has been postponed due to phoney claims in a secret ‘dossier’ alleging anti-semitism. ~ after CLP members voted to support Jeremy Corbyn at a previous meeting by 117 votes to 37.

    1. ok, thanks – fine distinction but I’ll make an amendment. Basic principle of ‘vote Corbyn, get smeared’ still applies, sadly

      1. But by deferring AGM ~ at which they would most probably be replaced in elections by Corbyn supporters ~ existing [right-wing] CLP Officers stay in post and can brief and be quoted by the press.

  8. Judging by the comments of those present, this was a much more comradely meeting than the spin seems. Also those who know Hilary as I do will know he is a good democrat and will not quibble with the result, so perhaps those with ‘low-trust’ mindsets should see this as some reassurance. that the party is integrating new and old members quicker than people think

    I chair one of the 69 CLP’s that nominated JC both times and our GC and EC have a mix of officers from all wings of the party. We are about to hold our second AGM since Sept 2015 and we are not finding any problems ensuring all wings of the party have a say in our debates with people as diverse as Christine Shawcroft to John McTernan coming to speak to us. But then we selected the first transgender PPC and ran 56% women in the 2014 local elections, so we were doing positive things over the last decade and not just the last year

    1. Hi Charlie, yes my experience in my own CLP has been the same. The troubling this is that the same would have been said by most people at the Wallasey, Brighton Hove & District and Riverside CLPs – until suddenly there were accusations in the press of bullying, homophobia or antisemitism. It’s hard to blame people for being wary.

  9. .. it’s only appearing like a takeover because there isn’t enough support for the inaccurately named ‘moderate’ Labour. Stand back and view it with logic goggles and you see that more support the Corbyn approach.
    Hint: Hillary/Bernie. One of them got a rapturous welcome at the Democrat’s convention, the other muscled in and shed at least 7 million voters.
    Labour members are removing their Hillarys.

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