Vote Corbyn by post or email – but keep a copy/picture

Electronic and postal ballots for the Labour leadership election will start to arrive from Monday for those still entitled to vote after the party machinery’s various anti-democratic measures to whittle down Jeremy Corbyn’s support.

Labour is asking people to vote electronically where possible to reduce the party’s cost. I’ve seen some encouraging people to vote by post as ‘payback’ for the punitive £25 charge imposed on those wishing to register as supporters – which includes many full members who have been deprived of their member vote as a result of the lame-duck and soon-to-be-replaced NEC’s decision to use dubious court decisions to enforce their disenfranchisement.

In spite of all this, I’d still encourage people to vote online, as Labour with a renewed Corbyn mandate will need the funds.

However, I would say this: vote by post or vote online – but keep a record of your completed vote.

The desperation of the Labour right to rig the vote toward Owen Smith is manifest – and manifestly increasing – as evidenced by the odious McTernan’s latest article in a Tory rag (not going to link to it here, but you can look it up if you can stomach it) promising Labour ‘oblivion’ if Corbyn wins again.

It’s anything but a stretch to believe that they’ll try to fix the count in some way, some way of getting around the controls in place to prevent fraud. Some will ridicule the idea, but nobody can seriously claim it’s unthinkable in the light of the lengths already gone to.


So, vote by post or vote online. Just make sure you vote – and take a photo of your postal ballot after you complete it, or a screenshot of your online ballot, and save it somewhere secure.

Just in case it’s needed as evidence in the event that the right-wingers are desperate enough to try to commit electoral fraud.


  1. It’s you’re not your. We make ourselves look bad with these stupid mistakes. I’d like to share but will not because of the mistake.

    1. I’ve reread the article. There is no instance where you’re/your is mixed up – it’s not the kind of mistake I’d make, even typing in a hurry.

    2. I have re-read this again also and can’t see the mistake you refer to, could you please identify the line in question, secondly perhaps you could also define the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ as we none of us want to make those kinds of mistakes in the future.

    1. They’ve already disenfranchised 130,000 people at great expense, as well as spending time and money on refusing around 50,000 people who paid to join as supporters and smearing Corbyn and his supporters in almost every imaginable way. They’ve already hugely rigged the vote – anyone who thinks they won’t go further if they think they can get away with it is astonishingly naïve.

  2. For those who think this care is overkill, during the 2015 Leadership election, the Labour Party said that it was asking the ERS to delete votes of (some of?) those it deemed to be ineligible to vote after the ballot had been issued. This is actually outrageous, consider the real world equivalent actions.

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