CLP ‘final scores’ a humiliation for Owen Smith

This post will be short and very sweet. The window for Constituency Labour Party (CLP) nominations closed today – and in spite of ridiculous court actions to prevent members from voting, an incessant media campaign to feed a stream of slander and Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) invective and dismissal to the public and hideous (and risible) ‘Nazi’ slurs against Corbyn and his supporters in rags that don’t merit the description ‘newspaper’, the outcome has been emphatically positive for Jeremy Corbyn:


Or if you like your maps less abstract:


Cause for celebration for Corbyn’s supporters and clear grounds for the increasingly panicked attempts to undermine him and those on his side by any and every means, no matter how humiliatingly desperate – including begging CLP execs to exclude members from nomination votes and to ‘abstain’ if they didn’t think they could win.

It wasn’t just the overall CLP numbers that are telling. Corbyn’s vote percentages were huge:


Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn, his campaign and supporters on an unequivocal victory. While CLP nominations do not count toward the final ballot, they do appear in the supporting documentation that accompanies ballot papers – and they also include only members eligible to vote.

Since Smith’s campaign has been desperately claiming that Corbyn’s support among full party members has diminished, the fact that CLPs voted for Corbyn by a ratio of almost 7 to 1, it’s a severe blow to their hopes and credibility.

And since nobody believes that the massive influx of ‘£25 supporters’ paid to support Smith, or that union ‘affiliates’ will support him (the two unions that have ‘come out’ for Smith have only done so by preventing huge numbers of members from having a say), Smith’s credibility as a candidate is well and truly shot, even leaving aside his woeful performance in the debates so far.

If Smith does not resign, either the surviving New Labour machinery has a dirty trick up its sleeve, or his intent was never to win but only to damage the credibility of Corbyn and his allies.

If so, that worked out well. (Hat-tip to the wonderful @clpnominations Twitter account)

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