Owen Smith’s ’82yo Edna’ shown to be fake – but he’s still using it

A week or so ago, Owen Smith’s campaign account was tweeting about ‘Edna’, a longstanding Labour supporter who considered him the only chance for the Labour party:


The only trouble is, anyone ‘nearly 83 years old’ wasn’t a teenager in 1945 – as the first respondents to his tweet pointed out:


‘Nearly 83′ means ’82’. 1945 was 71 years ago. 82-71 = 11, which is 2 years (or, being extremely generous, well over 1 year) away from being a teenager.

A simple bit of arithmetic could have spared Owen Smith the embarrassment of being so easily caught out publishing a clearly made-up ‘testimonial’, but clearly he or his campaign was so desperate to get something positive out there that they didn’t bother with a bit of quick finger-counting.

Bad enough, you might think. But even though he’s been caught out telling an all-too-obvious porky, Smith continues to use it. Here’s a snapshot of a section from his website, titled ‘5 reasons members are backing Owen‘:

owen 83

Perhaps ‘Edna’ has a ‘Benjamin-button’-style afflication and ages backwards or something.

Failing that, clearly Owen and his campaign feel (correctly) that his other 4 ‘reasons’ are a bit flimsy (diaphanous would be generous) and that ‘Edna’ the magical 82yo are crucial to his credibility.

Oh dear.


  1. I don’t know if there’s a roll of Labour members anywhere, but it’d be interesting to find out if there’s anyone called Edna in the party.

  2. Also not sure whether people even used the word “teenager” in those days.

  3. Oh dear oh dear oh dear, smacks of desperation! My husband is 90, he regards Owen as wet behind the ears, He sees honesty in Jeremy, and he was serving in WW2. So has plenty of life experience and is a great canny judge of character.

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