According to Owen Smith’s supporters, he ‘won’ tonight’s leadership debate

Supporters of Owen Smith are claiming that he ‘won’ tonight’s Labour leadership debate with Jeremy Corbyn. Smith repeated ad nauseam ‘I’ll do it in government!‘ at the end of every point, as if it’s somehow already in evidence that he’s more ‘electable’ than the Labour leader. His supporters are crowing about his ‘standing ovation’, because the BBC camera caught some people standing to applaud at the end of his final remarks.

BBC News, meanwhile, talked about it as if it were a draw and balanced the sound of the broadcast to make it sound like Smith’s answers drew almost as enthusiastic a response as Corbyn’s.

Smith looked shiny with sweat and red-faced tonight as he tried to appear passionate and convincing. Corbyn appeared calm and cool – some would say statesmanlike, while his opponents would claim his less declamatory style isn’t what they would call ‘leadership’.

I’ll let a picture speak for who’s more compelling, leaderly and ‘electable’:




  1. its becoming a common theme with Smiths supporters and those false pictures, I remember the Liverpool one of some 300(80) people lol

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