Terminal cancer sufferer harrassed into spending last days on Work Programme

Terminal cancer sufferer harrassed into spending her final days on the Tories’ Work (slavery) Programme. God save us from these people.

Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor

The abuses of work programme providers have been blogged many times before but I am sure many of you agree all abuses must be blogged time and time again until these providers leave those in the ESA Support Group alone and more so if they have a degenerative condition that has a terminal prognosis.

So with the above in mined I turn to one lady from Bristol who has terminal cancer at just 37 years old and has a life expectancy of 0 – 3 years so it is sad indeed that she can expect just half her life lived, she says in her facebook message that she has come to terms with what will happen (very brave indeed) but the short life left would be much better if she was not harassed by work programme provider Prospects Group @ProspectsGroup and I for one agree.

It is hard enough having…

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3 responses to “Terminal cancer sufferer harrassed into spending last days on Work Programme

  1. Firstly, this lady is not required to participate in the work programme if she is in the Support Group.

    Secondly, to mandate any claimant to participate in the WP, the direction must be lawful, the notification is not compliant.

    For ESA and mandatory Income Support Lone Parent, participants state on the Notification that ‘this activity forms part of your work-related activity action plan.’



    • Hi Mary, good to hear from you again. Please drop the original blogger a line to get contact details for the lady in question. I’m sure your expert help would be very welcome!


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