How the Plebgate footage doesn’t show what Mitchell & C4 claim

Well, it’s taken a long time but a court has agreed that disgraced Cabinet minister Andew Mitchell did indeed say what the officers at the Downing St gate recorded that he did.
About time. It’s also time that the misrepresentation and selective release of the footage by media and government was similarly acknowledged and exposed.
Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ programme claimed that the police account of witnesses etc couldn’t be true, based on selective editing of already-selectively-released footage.
The SKWAWKBOX showed almost 2 years ago that the claims were untrue and now the court’s recognition of Mitchell’s behaviour shows the analysis was correct. Search ‘plebgate’ on the blog for more footage and analysis.


Out of a desire to be sure, to my own satisfaction, about the provenance and accuracy of the ‘Plebgate’ footage that Andrew Mitchell claims ‘exonerates’ him, and which Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches‘ programme claims casts serious doubt on the police logbook’s account of the incident, I have come to two conclusions. Firm ones.

Firstly, the exterior footage shown by Dispatches is genuine footage. Secondly, the footage – while genuine – is edited and cut in such a way as to give a false impression of:

– the point at which Mr Mitchell started his ‘altercation’ with the police officers
– the amount of time he had to utter the now-infamous phrases, ‘f***ing plebs’, ‘you don’t run this f***ing country’ and ‘you should know your f***ing place’
the number of people outside the gates as the altercation took place

I’ve watched the footage as shown by two separate…

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