Another Conflicting Account

If you’re tempted to believe the reality at Stafford hospital was as it has been portrayed by the media’s anti-NHS agenda, read these eye-witness accounts.

Rich Duffy

As well as an account which was published here as:

Audrey’s Account

There was also an account published on the Skwarkbox blog

Mid Staffs. Ward 10. 2007. Relative Shatters Julie Bailey’s Story?

Here is a further account:

My friend in the same bay as Bella didn’t die, she went on to a nursing home. Tell them I only saw Julie once or twice for a very short time,on the many afternoons i spent there and I didn’t see her helping patients. Bella looked really comfortable in her bed by the window and the nurses went to a lot of trouble to make her comfortable. No one screaming or yelling for help, no one on the floor, no vases. Many very elderly, very sick patients, some of them confused. Not enough nurses.

My friend had dementia and couldn’t fill in her form for food but they always brought her something. Julie…

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3 responses to “Another Conflicting Account

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  2. I’m not sure where to send this bit of info about a new policy that is being brought in a few months time, I felt you may want to know about it and maybe want to repost the info. George who wrote the article helped provide you with info concerning ‘Nudge’ and Seligman a while back –

    A friend has been looking at the new occupational service called Health and Work Service… this affects absolutely everyone I know and I recommend everyone read this… this is another ATOS type travesty waiting to happen but this time for all those at work –


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