The government contempt for ordinary people.

Another great letter by Keith Lindsay-Cameron – this one on the fact that the government’s pathetic decision to rob people of their rights by enacting unheard-of retrospective legislation has been ruled illegal by the High Court. Please read and share to help highlight how this government is treating us, because you will almost never hear about it in the mainstream media.

Social Action 2014


A letter a day to number 10. No 789.

Saturday 05 July 2014. The government contempt for ordinary people.

Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish to send your own copy please feel free to copy and paste, and alter for your own needs, the text for your own letter.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

The High Courts ruling that the retrospective legislation in the Cait Reilly Poundland case was unlawful is very welcome. Naturally the DWP will seek to appeal even though it was they who rushed through retrospective illegal legislation without consultation or scrutiny.

Part of the DWP’s defence was that repayments to benefits claimants would be “an undeserved…

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One response to “The government contempt for ordinary people.

  1. Sadly people are still not aware that this is economic war between the ultra rich and the rest of us. All the major parties are in it together, the Neo-Liberal agenda rolls on. senator Bernie Sanders made this video which was taken from a speech he made in congress in 2010,

    This is the full speech in 2010. Please look back at what he was saying then and compare the actions of our politicians to this day.

    It is no accident that our living standards are falling, our politicians are betraying us.


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