No ‘magic money tree’ – but a massive pot of gold in tax havens

Time for a reblog of this, lest anyone fall for the increasing ‘recovery is good for all’ propaganda.


One of the right’s favourite put-downs of any argument against spending cuts is ‘there’s no magic money tree‘. On Twitter, on blogs, on Newsnight, Question Time and any other forum for discussion of deficits, spending, economics and austerity, you’ll hear this phrase trotted out with wearying regularity. It’s usually accompanied by a condescending smile that implies that the speaker is living in the ‘real world’, while his/her opponent is some poor, deluded idealist with no idea of what’s really going on in the big bad world.

Well, a very interesting article in The Guardian showed just what is going on in the big, bad world – and it’s really very bad news for the pro-austerity, pro-tax-cut, anti-welfare brigade. That is, if the majority of people ever understand just what it means. Of course, the above-mentioned brigade is rich and well-funded enough to spend a lot of money trying…

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4 responses to “No ‘magic money tree’ – but a massive pot of gold in tax havens

  1. Read this “That women’s equality minister, Maria Miller has been at the tiller Cashing in then spouting abuse for her reported bad behaviour Surely, no one can touch me as Cameron has turned out to be my saint saviour I have claimed over the top expenses and made million and a half from selling my property Oh! It feels so good to have done wrong and been blessed by the almighty (Cameron) I was told to apologise and so I duly fulfilled my obligation All it took was 38 seconds, what a stupid notion!” Regards

    Santosh Rishi Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2014 11:24:51 +0000 To:


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