EE/Orange’s error has ruined my credit rating. Watch out it doesn’t happen to you.

Forgive my being so quiet on this blog for a while, and then using it for something like this, but it’s hard enough work at the moment getting a company off the ground without idiocy like this adding to it.

The email below, which I’ve just sent to the chief executive of EE/Orange, Olaf Swantee, and cc’d to their head of customer service, should be self-explanatory. Please publicise it widely – to help my case and to warn others who might find themselves in the same situation.


Mr Swantee,

Last year I took out an Orange mobile phone for my business, with a Samsung handset. I had so many problems with it, and so little help from Orange, that in June, out of desperation, I went to your store in XXXXXXXXX and asked for a figure to buy myself out of the contract so that I could switch networks and get a different handset. I was given a figure of around £560, paid this in full there and then, received a PAC code (which you would not issue to me if I hadn’t settled my account in full) and went next door to Vodafone to take out a new contract.

At the beginning of this week, I went to open a bank account for a new company I’ve started. The bank refused to open an account, stating that there was a problem with my credit record. To say I was shocked is an understatement, since I have never owed anyone money and failed to pay.

To identify the problem, I had to get my credit report from Experian. Everything on my report was green – except for a single red marker next to the entries for EE/Orange. This marker was there because you have tried, every month for 6 months, to claim £10-ninety-something and it hasn’t been paid.

It hasn’t been paid because I cancelled the direct debit because I paid Orange £560 to terminate my contract – the full and final figure given to me by your company.

For the sake of £10 that I don’t owe you in the first place, your company has ruined my credit rating, causing me enormous embarrassment and huge inconvenience as I’ve been unable to bank cash and pay bills on behalf of my new company.

It gets worse. On Tuesday afternoon I called your customer service line and ended up connected to an operative in India. After a long telephone call and a lengthy explanation of the problem, this operative acknowledged the error and said the £10-odd would be cancelled. So that I could correct things with Experian and the bank, I asked for an immediate email from Orange/EE confirming the error and advising that my credit report could be corrected. The operative said the system didn’t allow her to arrange it immediately, but I would receive it in 24-48 hours.

This evening, 50-odd hours after that call, I phoned your customer service line again. This time, after explaining the problem, I was connected to XXX XXXXXXXX. He was sympathetic but completely unable to help – and initially questioned whether my account of events was correct.

I invited him to listen to the recording of Tuesday’s call and was told that no calls to India are recorded. Not only was the call not recorded and I had not received the promised email – but there were not even any notes put on the account by your Indian employee about the call.

Mr XXXXXXX apologised but said that there was nothing he could do but put my complaint into the escalation process, but that this would take around 7 more days.

This is completely unacceptable. Your company made an error in trying to claim money on a cancelled direct debit when I had paid the full amount specified by your company to exit the contract. Not only that, but at no point in the past 7 months has EE/Orange written to me about the supposed unpaid ‘debt’.

Instead, you’ve tried to claim on a non-existent direct debit and have recorded warning markers against my name to the extent that I now have a red flag and am turned down for a company bank account.

I’m not prepared to wait 7 days. If this is not resolved tomorrow (Friday) with an immediate correction of my credit record and an unreserved apology from EE/Orange, I will contact a solicitor to take advice on initiating a lawsuit for defamation and for damages.

In addition, I write a blog that has been read around half a million times in the past year. As soon as I send this email, I am going to post a copy of it to that blog and ask readers to publicise it widely. This post will remain on the blog until I am satisfied with your reaction to this email.

I expect your urgent call on my mobile number below (the same one I ported to Vodafone using the PAC code you gave me when I settled my account in full), followed by the written apology and confirmation of action taken by post and by email.

Steve Walker

Thanks for helping spread this issue. Orange outsources to a foreign call-centre, decides it’s not worth recording the calls and then washes its hands when its cheap labour doesn’t do what it has promised – and damn the consequences, all you can do is submit to the ‘escalation process’ and wait 7 days before you even get a response, while yet more damage is done.

I’ll let you know what response I get.

EDIT: Appears this is far from an isolated issue. See https://www.facebook.com/OrangeUK/posts/590634674334296

Update 7/2/14 14.40pm:

Received, eventually, an automated response from EE’s executive office, advising me that I’d appreciate knowing my email was being looked at. Here’s the ensuing exchange, in reverse order:

Not good enough, I’m afraid. The urgency is clear from the content of my email – and I’ve already been waiting since Tuesday afternoon for a response that was promised within 24-48 hours.

Get to it.

From: Executive Office [mailto:Executive.Office@ee.co.uk]
Sent: 07 February 2014 14:10
To: Steve Walker
Subject: RE: Complaint email: Steve Walker 2


We aim to reply within 72 hours.

Executive Office

From: Steve Walker
Sent: 07 February 2014 13:47
To: Executive Office
Subject: RE: Complaint email: Steve Walker 2

Hi Angie,

An automated reply after this long is not particularly appreciated, no – not in the circumstances, when the clock’s ticking and I’m still unable to open a bank account.

Please get a proper response to me immediately.


From: Executive Office [mailto:Executive.Office@ee.co.uk]

Sent: 07 February 2014 13:41
To: Steve Walker
Subject: FW: Complaint email: Steve Walker 2


I run EE’s executive office.

This is an automated response, but I thought you’d appreciate knowing that your email has been reviewed by the CEO’s office.

My team and I will investigate the issue and contact you as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Angie Jones

Executive Office Manager

Customer Team


  1. Was once an Orange customer by accident – an ISP I was with was taken over by them – and it was nothing but trouble, culminating in me losing internet connection altogether. Customer service totally hopeless. Wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole.

  2. Appalling but not surprising. I’m glad to say I stopped using Orange some years ago. Good luck. I have tweeted just now and set a tweet for tomorrow morning as well.

  3. Bloody disgusting! I’ll spread it around as I too am an ex-customer of Orange, and thank goodness that I only had a PAYG!
    Hope the situation is resolved quickly…

  4. I had a problem cancelling my Orange Package and didn’t even have a contract with them, as it had expired long before. I cancelled and they were still drawing off my account, when I asked for my money back they just laughed at me, it was only two months worth in the end, but I will never use them again.

    This is private enterprise at it’s best just think how bad it could be at its worst.

    We never had this sort of nonsense with the GPO, for those that can remember.

    1. orange one of the most robed company they robed me tow time verst time i had £47:00 credit i try to make a phone call they text me (you only have0:38p left ) it happened today also i had £52;00 credit they left me with 0;60p i strongly advice very one to avoid orange.bettr not dell with them any more //dan robin

    2. orange one of the most robed company they robed me tow time ferst time i had £47:00 credit i try to make a phone call they text me (you only have0:38p left ) it happened today also i had £52;00 credit they left me with 0;60p i strongly advice every one to avoid orange.bettr not dell with them any more //dan robin

  5. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    THIS blog (Vox Political) had more than 130,000 hits last week – that’s why I’m posting this to show solidarity with my fellow blogger. It’s time these corporates were made to see they can’t have it all their own way.

  6. Its all so distant now it used to be that a quiet word with a manager would solve the problem that day but now it always seems to take weeks and often longer.

    Its a terrible thing when our reputation is damaged in such a way and often we don’t find out about it until we need something like a loan or new credit card. A horrible thing to happen these credit rating companies should not be able to red line your credit unless there is something official from the company to notify us or a court order in place to verify the facts. I hope your rating is restored and a full apology received quickly.

  7. Absolutely terrible!
    Demand compensation, but most of all demand they wipe your file clean.Dont take any shit like they cant because they can.It may take a few weeks but it can be done.
    Happened to me years ago with a catalogue company…1 year after I cleared the account! Suddenly got a letter from a DCA saying they were taking me to court unless I paid what I owed.
    Took me a few choice words, loads of calls and letters but it was eventually sorted.
    Re-blogged to my limited audience (new blogger lol) but I presume every little helps.
    Good Luck Steve

  8. A similar event happened to my limited company some years ago, after weeks of argument frustration boiled over. At the time they had an office which I called to. Following some argument and bruising of the meathead security guard I got it resolved. They can be utterly stupid pigheaded and totally innefficient. The overseas call centres are a waste of time. Good luck and don’t let go. Only coalition politicians can equal their stubborn stupidity.

  9. Orange / EE / T-Mobile are a nasty company. I, and many others, have been in ongoing dispute with them following their mid-contract price-increases, which they based on the RPI.

    Orange’s Ts&Cs expressly rely on a document from the ‘Central Statistical Office’, which hasn’t existed since 1996, For T-Mobile they guessed what the RPI figure was going to be and then refused to accept peoples cancellations when they pointed out that the RPi when they increased their prices was lower than the price increase they imposed.

    Despite clear evidence that EE’s actions are in breach of both their and OFT guidelines, Offcome have been completely useless in addressing this (not surprising when you look at the makeup of their corporate-infested board). The only recompense we have is to pay the (exorbitant) cancellation fees and then take them to the small claims court. Something that I am doing now.

    Avoid this despicable, tax avoiding, company (although good luck finding a provider who pays anything like the corporation tax they ought).

    1. We have exactly the same issue Adrian with my sons old contract tried to increase mid term now have DCA’s on our back but we are refusing to pay and hoping it will end up in court

  10. I sympathise with you Steve and don’t want to make you feel any worse but, apart from the credit rating bit, you could have been describing my experience with Vodafone last year (still partially on-going). They too use an Indian call centre. Due to an almighty c0ck-up when I tried to upgrade and buy a phone from them (I won’t go into detail or my comment would be as long as your letter), I moved my number to Tesco Mobile. I’ve been with them over 6 months now but, despite numerous phone calls to Vodafone (actually getting through to someone about 1 in 5 attemps without being cut off), they still send texts to my number asking me to text them on nnnn, a totally meaningless number on Tesco Mobile even if I was remotely interested. Vodafone’s CS help number from the mobile is advertised as free, which it is if you can get an answer from the automated menus, but, if you actually want human telephone support they charge you. Good luck with both companies!

  11. I know two people who have had much the same problem with Orange/EE, and I had a terrible time with Vodafone. They were putting me through to their own internal numbers that no longer existed. I’ve posted this story on Facebook and hope you get satisfaction soon. In the meanwhile, look at GiffGaff.com. They are great – contract prices on PAYG.

  12. I have been in the same situation and recently had a default against me removed by Orange/EE. I started this epetition on the government site: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/59809

    It is my hope that a change in regulation to enforce notifications to be sent would prevent these problems from happening happening to others.

    It took over two years of writing and emailing both direct to Orange and via my MP and the ICO

  13. I am having the same trouble with orange/ ee. A default on a account that was meant to be marked as default 2009 and marked as settled. For a small sum if £160. I’ve send all my paperwork off to them demanded they change it in accordance to the data protection act, yet still waiting on a response.

    1. Hiya

      Exactly the same thing has happened to me. Default showing on my credit report since March 2013 all for the grand sum of £10.83. Emailed the credit file email address that Orange gave me, no reply. Called them today, no help whatsoever. I’ve not received any letters from them about this amount and the only reason I noticed is because we are looking to remortgage. Really at a loss about what to do, will write a letter and send on Monday but just wondered if your issue was sorted?

      1. Mine was sorted – but only after I applied pressure via blog articles and Twitter. Maybe write to your local newspaper?

  14. I’ve had a similar issue. I phoned Orange back in March to close the account and was given a Pac code and told that the acc would cease in 30 days. However this was delayed again because they gave me the wrong PAC code. I finally got the right one mid April and closed the account. As I would normally do I cancelled the direct debit 2 months after this date and though no more of it. Suddenly at the end of July I received a letter informing me of an outstanding amount on my account, even though the account should have closed in Mid May, I paid it within 48 hrs.
    Went to get a loan this week and was declined because Orange have placed 2 late payment markers on my credit report.
    I have worked incredible hard since being a student to get rid of all defaults and clear my credit report – it was almost an obsession with me. This has ruined all that graft.
    I’ve sent emails and letter with the hope they see sense but any help / advice would be appreciated.


  15. Same thing happening to me.
    Cancelled account had to wait ages to get unlock code.
    Recieved bill for £29 paid it online in March.
    Orange reckoned they couldn’t find the amount sent debt letters to me
    and marked my account unpaid for 6 months.
    Wasn’t until I applied for loan that I found out.
    Orange say it was my fault because I didn’t include orange ac number as reference.
    I sent proof from my bank that I did.
    They are in complete denial about it.
    No apology,no correspondence at all from them.

  16. Steve I feel your pain, I am battling with Orange/EE at the moment as they have put a black mark on my name – now affecting me getting a mortgage :o( any advise?

    1. Hi Beckii – publicise it is the best advice I can give. Talk to your local press and radio and then let EE know their name is going to be dragged through the mud if they don’t put things right.

  17. I took out a new contract – and a new phone number – with Orange. Hence although they acknowledge I phoned twice to cancel the old contract I had with them; they didn’t actually do so. Recorded a £90 debt against me, which I didn’t find out about until a mortgage application fell through inexplicably. I signed up to Experion and found that Orange was the only institution which had ruined an otherwise spotless credit record. I contacted Orange and they corrected their mistake. My mortgage application was duly approved. Unfortunately it was too late for me; I had been remortgaging to raise funds for my divorce settlement. Consequently I ran out of time and my ex enforced a Court Order for the house to be sold if I couldn’t raise the cash by a certain date. I have now lost my home of 9 years or so as well as being left grossly out-of-pocket by the cost of a relocation I wasn’t seeking. Orange shouldn’t be allowed to summarily ruin someone’s credit record just like that. I realise that – for them – it’s a handy stick to beat their customers with to ensure prompt payment. However, when mistakes are made the implications for the consumer are disproportionate. I shall be suing Orange as soon as I can engage suitable legal representation.

    1. That’s not all they do either, my friends mother went in for a top up came out with a contract she was only topping up 5 pounds every six month the rep got her to sign up for a new mobile and 15 pounds a month Dd her daughter was livid, and with a lot of hassle they agreed to cancel, I doubt they’ve heard the last of this one, age of mother 75, what sort of company are they, mafia run organisation perhaps, having your credit destroyed is like having 2 broken legs, perhaps it’s how they do things in the under world nowadays lol
      I will pass on any DD records as I sure they’ll get some money from the poor old lady.
      Shame on them

  18. The same thing happened to me, however I was sent a letter confirming account closed then got credit report assigned as unpaid. Again found out when applying for a mortgage which was rejected. All emails , letters were not responded too and had to take a monthly agreement with Experian who eventually sorted it out. A 5 month delay to my mortgage application which was eventually approved. My next step is the small claims court with a claim for Experian fees, savings on rent v mortgage, my time and telephone calls. Has anyone took EE to the small claims courts? Will keep you posted.

  19. Why wont my phone send texts or call anyone not even my balance. Its been lyk this for about a week and a half now and i still have most of my data its like everyone i ring is on the phone but its not possible for the amount of time its gone on would like it sorted asap or i will changing network.


  20. ee orange totally crap you get no joy to get a good service at your expence

  21. EE have just pulled the same stunt with me. Closed my EE account and cancelled the direct debit after they assured me that I was all paid up. Months later I find they’ve been trying to lift money from my account, haven’t made any contact whatsoever and unknown to me an impeccable credit rating is ruined. Plans to remortgage completely shattered.

  22. Something similar has/is happening with me.

    March 2010 I cancelled a contract and after what I thought was the last payment. I cancelled the direct debit.

    August 2010 I received a letter claiming I owed £96. Contacted them and thought it was sorted.

    August 2014 bearing in mind my account showed as settled. I received a letter from a debt collection agency threating me over the payment… blah blah. Contacted Vodafone and 3 months letter, received a letter from the debt collection saying it had been passed back to Vodafone and they wouldn’t chase the account any longer. I should add, heard nothing from Vodafone!!!

    5th January 2015 (or there abouts) I looked in my Noddle account and saw on 1st January 2015, Vodafone changed a dorment account from Settled to Default!? WTF? Contacted Vodafone and was assured this would be updated and removed.

    3rd April (today) I looked again at my noddle credit file and I see Vodafone did an update on 1st February 2015 but it still shows default!!

    There has to be a better and fairer way of doing all this! In law you’re innocent until proven guilty. But in your credit file, you’re guilty until you not only chase and hound the credit company. But also force them to update your file and stop tampering with it, in my case 4 or 5 years later!!!

  23. Although I’m no fan or user of Orange/EE, I think most people seem to forget that you cannot just simply end a contract “there and then” No matter what the full and final settlement figure was! It clearly states in EVERY contract that you must give 30 days termination or cancel notice. The £10 that was owed was probably the partial payment required which was left over from the remaining days of the contract even after you paid a full settlement figure in the shop. Therfore you will see that it’s actually not possible to completely end a contract “There and then”

  24. Same thing happened to me with Vodophone they ruined my credit and now I’m taking them to small claims court

  25. Hi all
    Orange removed the negative entry from my credit file after letters, email and tweets aplenty. Just stick at it and make a right din and fuss and in the end they’ll see sense (or a semblance of sense)
    Nice one

    1. Well Im stuck here. They have failed to cancel my contract as requested in october and sent my account to debt collection agencies now. I have been rejected my credit cards, car finance and my plans of getting a mortgage this summer have failed. Orange/EE have left me in a dip of wrong credit information.

  26. Hi

    Was this matter resolved?.

    I’m in a similar position and need some advice on how to process legal action against ee.


  27. I had a similar experience with Tesco mobile. I went to buy a phone from them last week and failed the credit check. Gobsmacked isn’t the word. I got my credit file from equifax and it showed 2 defaults from tesco mobile from over 3 years ago. They tried for 6 months to get a cancelled DD. 2 actually, because the first phone was broken. But they did all of this without contacting me once. And there it is – red defaults on a sea of green from Tesco on my equifax report. I’m f###ing fuming about it. I’ve written to them and told equifax about it and gve them a week to sort it and make amends before I take legal advice.

  28. Had exact same thing with tesco mobile I went into store to change to another network with more data usage and did it all through tesco I spoke to there customer service in store on the phone saying I will cancel my direct debit and pay my account in full today so I can cancel my direct debit it wasn’t a contract just a month to month deal .no problem they said all settled .12 month later went into same store to get a phone for my son I failed credit check they unable tell me why I was cob smacked never had credit problem last time I checked my report it was between good and excellent .i ended paying out £200 for the phone and having a sim deal I didn’t really want but went ahead because my son was looking forward and I didn’t want let him down that day .when I got home I got on my report to find tesco had put a default on my report I was so angry .i visited the store trying be calm spoke to customer service which admitted they had got it wrong and I had done everything right and they were very sorry and they will get it removed they also said they will call me back tomorrow with what there going to do about it .since that call I’ve heard nothing at all .very angry

  29. Fraud and thieves !!!

    Dear Steve Walker executive complaints and Angela Jones executive complaints office manager
    i sent this to EE and to you both yesterday please read below……

    Dear Adam customer collections and to the attention of
    Ofcom: Tele communications complaints .

    Re: Proof of payment regarding fraudulent demand made today for closed account sum Of £423.45

    Below is a proof and copy of statement of so called outstanding bill that was demanded from EE today though the account has been paid in full from 2011

    I’m writing this as a joint venture one because i don’t have another 2 hrs to waste and second because i feel there is something very in un honest and immoral if not criminal about your company practice.

    I have been on a very expensive rolling contract for sometime now and over the last week have diligently been investigating a change of tariff and company. Already a T mobile customer as well as other out let and providers i contacted your company EE discussing up grade and price plan options etc. I had someone even call me back twice to further enquire if i had made up my mind YET etc.

    On receiving the last call from you EE i had been doing research prior and found a far better deal from another outlet for EE service, which i explained to the lady at EE customer service and after another extended desperate draw out period on the phone trying to pursued me to still consider a £50+ package when the 3rd party was £29.99 i proceeded to commit to EE through the 3rd party i was also asked who they were so you could see if you could do a price match

    Today i made the commitment to the 3rd party company only to discover out of the blue had a supposed out standing bill of £423.45 from an old account back in 2008/9?. I had been on the phone for the best part of 3 hours trying to sort your mess out ironically overall to move from t mobile to sign and pay for service with you. At no point now or since 2011 has T Mobile EE or any credit agency sent me anything past time of payment completion back in 2011 at all with and this was only EVER mentioned to me in the last few hours.

    The first operator gave me the debt recovery agents name and number urging me to call them and to make this phantom payment and with protest i did call them. The Company name given to me by EE and instructed to ring is called Lowell group ltd. I spoke to a gentleman named Liam who confirmed this account had long been paid in full and could not understand why it was on your company record as collection and deemed it very very odd. Having rang back your company confirming this information as instructed along with added date of debt sold to Lowell group and record of my final payment I spent another long painful amount of time trying to confirm with the operator assis? the above and asking for a manager but i was still just being told i hand,nt paid it and after eventually speaking to his manager who i could hear anyway the whole time in the back advising him on what to say, insisted and told me i could just pay the money straight to EE now instead of the said credit control where i already explained i had proof the account was long settled. I explained again this was adding to the further fraudulent extortion against me i felt deliberately put upon me all of a sudden by you and demanded he put the manager on of which they put the phone down.

    I called back went through again with another operator now back at square one and explaining the who scenario again only to go through your retarded response to concerns by just repeating her self saying i owed this money eventually she put me through to Adam in Collections went through the same line of questioning and solution which was i had to pay only this time he gave me a a completely different creditor named Moorcroft . Note: I said this was paid in full at Lowell group plc. It took at least 30/40 minutes before i was advised to to contact the credit agency and get a copy of the statement and SEND TO YOU None the less through repeated request Adam finally called them whilst i was on the line and said they needed permission via a password in light of dater protection. I rang back the company with both being on loud speaker some of which Adam said he couldn’t hear but all of which they credit company did, Adam confirmed with me at that point that it would have to be emailed now so you had it in writing and not by confirming with my consent to credit agency who were more then will under my permission with a password to assist you with the correct information

    This journey started 4pm and its now 8.23 pm and im still writing this statement..iv been treated like a liar talked over not really listened to until showing signs of determination badgered and asked to pay money straight to you TONIGHT even though you were more then clear from me all evening this was paid in full!…I even gave back the number you gave me for in the first place for Lowell group ltd to call along with account sale date of debt from you to them and a contact name and extension of the gentleman who had resolved this called Liam who extension at Lowell is 7015 and in office bright and early tomorrow!

    For want of a better expression i unfortunately can only use this one and that is your company has made me feel like complete and utter SHIT! I feel bloody discussed and depressed with the whole entire thing. None of you really listened to a word i said instead hard pressing me by focusing on the racked up charge and using pressure insisting i pay regardless whilst assuring me your only trying to help me? with extorting money from me? Your completely out of order !!

    .Explain to me how all of a sudden just after i mentioned i found a better deal with another out let, was asked who was providing this contract at the way cheaper price £30 cheaper to be exact, How in 7 years not to mention further obtaining a new contract with T mobile which required the same same contact details etc in 2011/12 ? and with such an outstanding pending payment to the CREDITOR could i even have got a contract with T Mobile…IT WOULD HAD TO OF BEEN PAID IN FULL!! I am recorded at Experieon both by Aurora dawn Ellis and Dawn Ellis all my legal names and you would of had to be cleared by them so must know that

    This account is fabricated and beyond coincidence you decided on TELLING ME THIS NOW Just today ? Experieon would never of made that mistake?

    So the very long of this distressing degrading engagement with you im very much suggestion your company is fraudulent deceiving extortionist and i want this investigated. I feel justt like in the past experiences with you through un solicited calls by your company where upon i felt bullied and harassed that now the tactic is passive aggressive bullying and pressuring one into stress so you sign up and if not fabricate and try to extort money out of customers. if i was elderly or vulnerable i may not of known what to do and surrendered to this farce which is in VERY BAD TASTE

    So SORT THIS BY THE MORNING YOU ARE TRYING TO FUCK WITH MY CREDIT AND MY MENTAL HEALTH this not a mistake just your thieving crafty ethos which i will be exposing with watch dog ofcom and any other consumer governing body,s that you answer to. Imagine, though be it through a third party i was still giving you my hard earn cash but instead being forced to do it direct knowing by the to Quote EE: 20 days investigation period where upon i could be called at any time over that said period but no fixed time for you to get back to me and investigate. It took me in all 30 mins of back and forth calls to solely to the creditor but for you you need 20 DAYS !!!!!!! for me to hear from your credit and fraud department/s before you even start investigation you are taking the PISS the 20 days gives you time to hold people un willingly so these deals will expire (most of these company have Jan sale as you well know) Deliberately mis leading customer and extorting higher fees from them

    You make me sick!, I have already committed to a third party on which they have ordered my phone CLEAR MY DAME NAME! so they can process my order on which i WOULD OF BEEN RECEIVING THE PHONE TOMORROW BUT NOW WHO THE HELL KNOWS!!!!!

    Sort this out by the morning! , As i have got this far with the 3rd party when you get your shit together i will then cancel your services of the new contract with in the cooling of period and warn all of this deliberate low and discussing practice of keeping of forcing people to join you un lawfully by way of deliberate deception and extort money from me.

    if you can see round your blinkered blood thirsty greed tomorrow you will do your job and MAKE SURE this is cleared completely from my account record…. Its a DAME CHEEK scandalous and shame full! you have destroyed my trust and any faith and time today far as im feeling right now into a pit of hell fire

    So EE to begin the statement below please so i can hurry up and get out of this honey trap you set up…..
    READ BELOW…….OR ATTACHMENT and i would appreciate a call first thing in the morning from a MANAGER!Someone in charge and not a operator and find decency to have this resolved by my that courtesy call to me and not leave me to chase you on this

    you have pushed my patient and diplomatic efforts almost beyond reason hence my expression in this email and which i make no apology and suggest you find other legal ways to obtain new cliental and refer back to your regulatory and codes who i also will be contacting. Her are prepose code of conduct printed on your site and take a look at the link with numerous complaints of other good people you have been doing this too below most important do not forget to confirm the attached letter of full payment i made attached from the creditor which you will also find at the end of this email…..

    link with mountain of complaints for EE customer Credit scams

    10. Anti-bribery Policy
    At EE, our anti-bribery policy supports our zero tolerance to bribery and corruption. It sets out how our employees should behave and what they should do if confronted with bribery or corruption.
    We’re committed to conducting our business in a way that does not facilitate or engage in any kind of bribery or corruption. We have put in place policies, procedures and a compliance programme to help identify and manage risk which reinforces our commitment to ensuring that we comply with the requirements of the Bribery Act.
    If you are aware of, or suspect, any unlawful or unethical activity in your dealings with EE, please set out your concerns in a letter addressed to:
    The Company Secretary
    EE Limited
    2620 The Quadrant
    Aztec West
    BS32 4AQ
    back to top


    Miss Rawssss …..or sake of tis blog

    What EE are doing here stinks and some one should be answering to the law!

  30. I’ve been having this same issue. Cancelled my contract within 3 days as device was faulty and despite numerous reassurances from customer service that it would be cancelled, no late payment fees, I’ve received a letter saying my account has passed onto the credit reference agency. EE refusing to help.

  31. All
    I have had the same issue with EE, moved home some 3 years ago and took my EE dongle with me, but reception was poor so decided to cancel and took out a sky deal instead, when we rand EE to cancel all they were interested in doing was trying to sell us another deal, but we highlighted we had no use for the dongle. We then cancelled the DD and thought that was it. However when trying to re-mortgage we found are credit rating had been destroyed. Contacted Experian and asked for this to be amended and a note added to the file, they said this was all they could do as the information is not theirs but EE’s, which is strange if they are publishing it they need to be responsible for it. After much deliberation and chats to EE, Experian and also a debt recovery agency whom EE threatened me with, I paid a settlement figure – despite my belief that we had done everything right. Again thinking this was the end left it.
    Again now trying to arrange another mortgage as the fixed rate term had ended – we have again be turned down – again because the information held by Experian was incorrect and still had the red flag against EE. Again when I contacted Experian told they couldn’t do anything as it was EE’s information, they said they contacted EE who refused to remove the marker despite me settling the account.
    I have now contacted the communications ombudsman who are looking into the above. The lesson I have is to record the name of the operative, their number reference date and time and tell them you are recording the conversation.
    If anyone has a number for EE so I can contact the right team without being given the usual run around that would be great.

  32. Same problem with EE. Never sent me a bill when I was out of the country. Realised I had been cut off for an unpaid bill even though I hadn’t used the EE phone for making

  33. Hello. I work for Which? and we have recently done a big report into credit reference agencies and the impact that red flags can have on people’s credit. I’m keen to talk to potential case studies and i’m wondering if interested could you email me please. The best email is: scams@which.co.uk Many Thanks Neil

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