Osborne’s bid to end democracy by the back door

Please read this by Vox Political and contact your MP/MEP urgently!


  1. Yes. The horror, the horror.
    The utter, utter hypocrisy.

    They scream against pooling some ‘sovereignty’ with our EU neighbours – yet the crew quietly slips the mooring line without a murmur to let the whole craft drift helplessly under the control of vast corporate transatlantic currents. For what?

    To allow a selection of corrupt U.S. financiers – barely humbled since rumbled devastating the world with fraudulently sold investment ‘vehicles’ – a new freedom to wreak more havoc here. For whose benefit?

    Not for the benefit of those adrift, subject to the new anti-democratic secretive unaccountable scam-creators. Scams which will only benefit politicians and parties passively accepting circuitous kickbacks as reward for their cowardly kowtowing to lobby pressure.

    If the 85 richest individuals in the world own as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the same world, at what stage does a further power grab become a crime and those acquiescing, criminals?

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