Another SKWAWKBOX announcement. Pls read and share.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an announcement about the company I started with a friend with the aim, in part, of creating freedom to write this blog. Because of the need to get the company up and running, and generating some income, it has been difficult to give the blog the time I’ve always wanted to, so I asked people to consider the services we offer, and to send me an enquiry if, and only if, there was something that would be genuinely useful to them.

I’m very grateful to the people who did respond with enquiries or with other offers of help. However, one of the things that came out strongly in the comments on the post was that there appeared to be a consensus that I should also offer people the opportunity to donate directly.

This is something I’ve always resisted, as I’ve wanted to make it clear to everyone that I’m not writing to make money but because the issues are important and a clear portrayal of them is very hard to find in the mainstream media. We need people to galvanise, work together, and spread the word as a form of resistance.

However, I think the time has now come to acknowledge that the amount of work involved in researching and writing the SKWAWKBOX posts is so big, and the issues to address so numerous, that it’s now necessary to at least give people the opportunity to donate if they are able and feel so inclined.

Some suggested that I should make the SKWAWKBOX a subscription-based blog. While I’m grateful for their concern for my financial wellbeing, it would be self-defeating to limit the number of people who can see the posts – the point is to get good information out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Besides, I believe in giving good information freely, whether or not people can afford (or choose) to pay a fee.

Anything you choose to give is, therefore, a completely voluntary donation. I will continue to do my best to keep the SKWAWKBOX providing timely, relevant and probably not widely available information – but if you are able to chip in, it will make it much easier.

So, if you value what I do here, and you’re able, and wish, to make either a one-off or, even better, a monthly donation to the fight to counteract government propaganda and media misinformation – however small or large – please use the button embedded below to do so via PayPal. Once I’ve worked out how to do so, I’ll add it as a widget to the master layout of the blog so that it will appear to the side of each page permanently.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

But for now, hopefully this will work and if you are able to donate and choose to do so, many, many thanks! And please, whether you personally chip in or not, share this post.

Edit: the PayPal page isn’t displaying a monthly donation option for some reason. If you would like to arrange one, please visit this page and follow the link. Thanks to those who’ve already made very kind and generous donations!



  1. I think you are providing a highly informative and much needed service. I will donate now and whenever I am able to. Thank you. Victoria Steele Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 21:03:12 +0000 To: victoria1962@outlook.com

  2. Make sure it’s all squared with Inland Rev, I’d hate for that Cure lot to throw that one at you.

  3. Have sent a little as do value what you do. What I cannot do is share onto my facebook page. Which I would if I could – not always, but sometimes. Good luck both with the business and the fundraising, Jean

  4. Have donated but it’s not clear how to do a regular donation. Just suppose someone felt like doing that – how would they do it? (PS Mr Cameron forgot to sack Mr Hunt – what an oversight!)

  5. I’m not a rich man and I have two small mouths to feed but I have spared a little to help keep you Skwalking. 😛
    I’ll keep donating a little when I can.

  6. It looks like on the PayPal page you may be able to set up a direct debit if you link them to your bank account but not a standing order via your nominated card. Most people probably give card details but leave the linking to the bank so have I missed something there?

    On the general topic of this blog site and why it is worthy of support, I came across an apposite few lines in a book I am re-reading after some decades. Kind of sums up the loss of original purpose and ethos of the NHS (and maybe other public services). It’s Graham Greene’s “The Honorary Consul” about a bungled kidnap in 50’s/60’s Argentina. Part 2, Chapter 2, Paragraph 2 begins:
    “Doctor Plarr was a good listener. He had been trained to listen. Most of his middle-class patients were accustomed to spend at least ten minutes explaining a simple attack of ‘flu. It was only in the barrio of the poor that he ever encountered suffering in silence …”

    1. I’ve read that book and remember that section. Thanks for the support! I hope the workaround via the CCGWatch site will provide those who want to with an option – have to say that, while those who’ve donated have been fantastically generous, the numbers have been low so far. Lower than I’d hoped.

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