Why do the Tories keep emailing me?

Excellent piece by ‘Smiling Carcass’, who keeps receiving emails from the Conservative party even though his responses can’t possibly leave any doubt what he thinks about them.


“Michael Gove; asked me for a tenner.”

On March 2nd I wrote to a Mr. Brady, leader of the 1922 Committee of the Tory party.

This is what I wrote:

“Dear Mr. Brady,

It is my belief that David Cameron, and his cabinet cohorts are not only destroying the Conservative Party’s chances of re-election anytime in the foreseeable future, he is taking the country to hell with him.

From information I have received, it appears that a leadership contest can be triggered by 46 letters sent to you as leader of the 1922 Committee.

Consider this to be one of those letters.


So, I have been receiving regular emails from Tory politicians, presumably prompted by this communication and mainly ignoring them, but not unsubscribing in case something err, interest, shall we say- came along.

That day has arrived and Michael Gove is the latest Tory to assume I…

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