‘Claimant Commitment’ sanction threat falls on jobseekers; blundering DWP staff get away with murder

Great article by Vox Political following on from mine on the new ‘Claimant Commitment’. I’ll be looking forward to the response to that FOI request with great interest and impatience!

Vox Political

Following on from Skwawkbox’s recent Claimant Commitment article, here’s a press release from the DWP, setting out how it proposes to persecute jobseekers, in particular. Let’s go through it together.

“Jobseekers will have to account more clearly for their efforts to find work and will be given a weekly timetable of tasks to complete, as part of the Claimant Commitment which rolls out nationwide from this autumn.”

If this is a more stringent obligation on jobseekers, where is the commitment for DWP officers and employees? What are their responsibilities? What sanctions do they face when they fail to meet those responsibilities? And what recompense will be offered to jobseekers when these failures happen (as they do on a daily basis at the moment)?

“From October, around 100 jobcentres a month will begin using the Claimant Commitment with new jobseekers, until it is in place across the country.

“This new…

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8 responses to “‘Claimant Commitment’ sanction threat falls on jobseekers; blundering DWP staff get away with murder

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  2. The preparation of a Claimant Commitment by someone who has absolute power and control but little commons sense or understanding can, from my experience lead to unlawful and perverse behaviour, which causes enormous distress as well as physical and financial harm for many people.


    • The problem is that legal aid has been withdrawn for cases like this and the appeals process for the Claimant Commitment has been weakened and made more drawn out to scupper the skint claimant and prevent them even daring to challenge them!


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