The future’s terrifying – if the future’s Tory

If any corroboration was needed for what a disaster a further term in office for the current government – or even worse a Tory majority – would be for the vast majority of people in this country, look no further.


  1. But it’s the british people that keep voting them in, It would seem that there are a number of people in this country that like what the Tories are doing, untill they come for them, as they surely will, It makes me think that the people deserve all they get,

  2. Yes, enough of us are fooled by corrupt fools:

    Once this Tory lying is done
    And PR and Nudging has won
    We’ll ALL be bereft
    – no NHS left –
    With life under Boris still rum

    1. hears one who was not fooled, I really thought that the damage done to the country by Maggie Thatcher would be enough to put people off voting Tory, but No, off the good little drones go to vote them back in, and then bleat about how evil the tories are,

      1. Yes, enough certainly seem to.

        No doubt the coalition must be slightly better than “just-Tory” but direct democracy of some type is the only answer now I suspect.

        Politicians seem helpless against the “big money” onslaught between elections which trumps the public interest every time.

  3. It’s when a govt is in power that we truly realise the value of the HRA to prevent a political mandate (not that the Tories has a majority) becoming “tyranny by majority”

  4. Agree with last comment that “the British people voting them in” is true but does not suggest the majority approve (voter turnout is low and there is nowhere near a majority of those who vote – simply enough to secure a Commons majority – a totally different thing).

    The bad blood between Brown and Blair did not go unnoticed instead of running the Country both had their own ‘camps’ and were in opposition to each other .After Blair reneged on his promise to step down he appeased Brown by giving him outright control as Chancellor .Brown in turn gave the Bank of England its self Regulatory Status .
    That opened the floodgates for Banks to operate without being overseen to run their business on a purely profit basis without consideration of the impact on the British Economy or small Businesses .
    This shambles Government fare no better ,we own 80% of RBS but have allowed their deliberate practice of allowing potential growth businesses to flounder in order to repossess them and gain profit .Whilst in the Taxpayers hands and making losses it has continued to pay out large bonuses .
    Osborne is more interested in Free Labour Workfare than the integrity of a basic standard of conduct required by Banks .Similar to Cameron he is no more a Chancellor than Cameron is a PM .
    They both entirely rely on advisors with no accountability ,they are no more than ‘Front Men ‘ revelling in the Limelight for their own gratification .11/02/2014 The money RBS Stole from Small Businesses was distributed between GRG a Chinese State Owned Listed Enterprise and West Register a Property Investments Company .RBS purposely starved their customers who had a Business of money knowing the Business would Default and RBS could sell it off .We own 80% of this Bank – Osborne is as much good as a Chocolate Fireguard .

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