Is a mandated ‘WorkFAREhouse’ the Tories’ answer to the ‘bedroom tax’ court case?

I’ve always avoided comparisons between the current Tory-led government and the Nazis, lest it seem hysterical. But they appear to be trying really, really hard to make the comparison perfectly mundane.
This excellent article by Mike Sivier, and the one it links to by Johnny Void, show the government’s thinking: let’s put the disabled and unemployed into ‘residential workfare’, or a work camp as the rest of us would call it. Iain (Duncan) Smith actually once said ‘work makes you free’, a direct translation of ‘Arbeit macht Frei’. It gets more and more obvious that wasn’t a slip of the tongue.

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Residential Workfare for the disabled. If that sentence hasn’t already set off at least three separate alarms in your head, then you haven’t been paying attention. What follows is a warning: Stay alert. Ask questions. Do not allow what this article predicts.

Workfare, for all those who still need enlightening after three years of this particular Tory-led nightmare, is a government-sponsored way of keeping unemployment high while pretending to be doing something about it. The idea is to send unemployed people to work for a period of several weeks – often for a large employer that is perfectly capable of taking on staff at a reasonable wage – and remove them from the unemployment figures for that time, even though they continue to be paid only in benefits. When the time period is served, the jobseeker returns to the dole queue and another is taken on, under the…

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7 responses to “Is a mandated ‘WorkFAREhouse’ the Tories’ answer to the ‘bedroom tax’ court case?

  1. And that’s why it’s so essential that the Tories get rid of the ECHR’s jurisdiction over this country. That’s not just a reaction to a (frankly correct) run of judgements, whatever that odious May person says; it’s an essential part of their long-term vision, because it threatens to pull everything else they want to do down around their ears.


  2. My mother survived Nazi Germany. Not all her relatives did.

    She told me how it starts – and history shows that long before the disabled were experimented on or sent to camps, they were starved; their subsistence money was reduced and there were posters everywhere showing beefy aryan types carrying wizened little people complete with a heading explaining how many reichsmarks it was costing to “carry” these not-normal (ie. non-aryan) beings.

    All of this applied to the gypsies, Jews, homosexuals, etc. too, in time.

    The public were expected to snoop on their neighbours; unemployed people had to do hard labour to earn their subsistence, and if a person seemed to have more money than they should, people were encouraged to report them to the authorities.

    We have a Secretary of State who has endorsed, in public, the Sun’s shop-a-scrounger helpline. He knows that his own department follows up every single call to the official fraud line – 99.7% of all calls are mistaken or malicious.
    We have workfare already for the unemployed – work for subsistence level benefits or no support; for the sick, this workfare is both mandatory and indefinite even though the people sent to it have been judged incapable of work by the draconian standards of DWP/Atos.

    Residential training for people who are newly blind, for example, used to be a wonderful thing – it can help people to make the adjustments they need to live a good life with a new and life-changing disability.

    The point about this – and the report recommends it, see johnnyvoid – is that such training might not only be extended to the non-disabled but it will be opened up to the market.
    Lots of money to be made corralling people in work “training” camps.

    Why don’t they just cull us all and be done with it?


  3. By the way, Steve – have you seen the latest in the Independent on the Lister Surgicentre in Stevenage?

    It’s to be closed and the local hospital will take over – and we have paid in excess of £54 Million to “buy” it back from Carillion.


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