The ‘Loki/Phyllis’ direct messages

I wrote a few hours ago about the cowardly blackmailer ‘Loki’, and his real identity. For that article I referred to, but did not post, a series of direct messages sent by ‘Phyllis’ admitting the sending of the blackmail letter. I didn’t wish to post those unless I really had to.

However, I see that ‘Loki’ is back on Twitter attempting to deny that ‘he’ and ‘Phyllis’ are one and the same:


So it’s evident that some at least of the DMs need to be shown:



The 2nd message, about the student joining in a conversation ‘Phyllis’ was having with someone else, fits perfectly with the reason given in the blackmail letter for its sending:

Xxxxxxs rather unpleasant behavior online has been enough to arouse the curiosity of at least one other person who has discovered his background and has openly tweeted about it.  This resulted in him threatening this person (a lady), subtly but quite openly (See screen grab attached – Xxxxxx Threat).

And, lest you think that the accusation of threatening behaviour by the student might be justified, here is the ‘screen grab’ referred to:


It’s plain from this last image that there was no real threat – and from the preceding ones that Phyllis’ claims, the letter to the uni and Loki’s behaviour and comments fit perfectly. The only way they are not the same person is if ‘Loki’ knowingly lied about being the source of the letter, but in that case he/she has colluded with ‘Phyllis’ so that they are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ in perfect unison. But that would equally expose him as a malignant liar – and still a coward.

Far more likely, however, that ‘Loki’s tweet this evening is just a desperate attempt by a coward to sow doubt once exposed and caught out.

Either way, this loathsome behaviour, and the support of Cure, Gary Walker etc for the culprit, reveals far more about the perpetrators than it does about the person that they are attempting to mob into silence and ruin.


  1. They’ve done this before of course. Loki initially asked you to prove there had been a blackmail letter sent, denied being a Cure supporter despite already admitting it, etc etc. Willing to tell blatant lies, so not to be believed in any denial.

  2. Hi Steve
    I am just reading the Keogh Report. It fills me full of hope for the future of the NHS.
    In my view it completely destroys the Jarman HSMR and the SHIMI measures of mortality as both generated two completely different sets of outlier Trusts which illustrates the point. He goes on to say that that however tempting it may be it is clinically meaningless and academically reckless to use such statistical measures to quantify the actual numbers of avoidable deaths.
    This statement completely vindicates the stance you have taken over Stafford and you are to be congratulated on your tenacity and persistent research to get at the truth.
    I am not sure if you have read the report yet, but the letter to Jeremy Hunt and the 8 ambitions he sets out should have you whooping for joy. A very positive analysis and proposals that we should all support with great vigour and enthusiasm and demand that Hunt and the DoH tell the truth about its findings and stop their ongoing deception, denigration and undermining of the NHS.
    My advice to you would be to forget Cure the NHS. They are a totally irrelevant distraction to the main event. They are the past and not the future. They have had their moment in the spotlight and are best forgotten and cast into the dustbin of history.
    We need to celebrate the Keogh Report findings, warts and all and hold the Secretary of State to account to ensure that he and this tawdry Government provide the necessary resources to implement the Keogh recommendations in full and without any further hindrance, misrepresentation or deceit.
    Thank you for all you have achieved in your defence of the NHS. You now have the ammunition to take your campaign to new heights using the many gems that Keogh has provided you with to totally refute the likes of Cure, the BBC, and the right wing press and other media outlets who have until now swallowed the Jarman rubbish and Hunts denigration of Doctors, Nurses and the Labour Party’s achievements.
    Keogh says between 2000 and 2008 the NHS wa rightly focused on rebuilding capacity and improving access after decades of neglect. He says “The key issues was not whether people were dying in our hospitals avoidably, but that they were dying whilst they were waiting for treatment.”
    We all must never forget which party was in power during those decades of neglect. The Tories wrecked the NHS then. Labour got it out of intensive care. The Tories have put it right back into the Emergency Department, within three years, and scrapped the beds that could would have provided on going care, patient safety and a Health Service to be proud of.
    We must never forget and we must never forgive.
    We must say Yes to improving collaboration and improved integration of Health and Social Care and say No and protest against increased compulsory privatisation and the consequential disastrous fragmentation of the NHS which will have irrevocable detrimental effects on the health and well being of us all.
    Keep up the good work. Right is on your side.
    Yours has been a lone voice in the wilderness of lies and deception. But you will be heard. Now is the time to move forward and embrace the Keogh Analysis and Ambitions.

    1. It concernse me that there is inuendo and malicious gossip going on here – sufely if a crime has been committed the police should be informed – if the student is being unjustly maligned surely be could make a formal complaint to the relevant bodies – if the guy? has committed a felony and done his time’ or penalty it is not for a mystery person to cast these aspersions should look to their own lives – are they sure they do not have issues that they would rather not have known to the public? If they are supporters of CNHS why are they so ashamed of this fact they have to use a pseudonym?

      1. All good questions. In terms of crime, there’s no libel as the basic facts are true. It’s extremely malicious, however – probably qualifies as harassment and threatening behaviour, and is now in the hands of the police, I understand.

      2. Libel is a civil matter, and this is the one exception to justification being a defence to libel – it is libellous to disclose a spent conviction if it is done maliciously (which it clearly is in this case). There is certainly harrassment and malicious communication at issue.

      3. I suspect Gary Walker despite having a graduate diploma in law doesn’t realise this.

    2. Thank you, Charles! I don’t think the job’s done yet but it’s a massive step in the right direction, and the new Guardian article is another. I’m seriously considering your advice – I doubt Cure are going to take these setbacks to their position passively, though, so we’ll see whether I can do as I’d like to and forget all about them.

      I’m about 70% through an in-depth analysis of Keogh’s report, particularly with regard to how it conflicts with Hunt’s claims about what it says and means. Watch this space!

    3. As you say, the Tories have endeavoured to undo all the work Labour did after the Thatcher years of neglect. It is to be hoped they are stopped in their tracks soon and all their lies exposed even in their Blue rags of papers

  3. The fact that “Loki”, whoever he or she is, is using a pseudonym rather than post under their real name, tells you everything. Not willing to own their dirty tricks (or risk legal action for that matter).

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