The NHS is 65. ‘Many happy returns’?

When I wrote this article a year ago, I’d identified an all-out war being waged on the NHS. But the situation then was nothing compared to the relentless, remorseless media campaign now underway to destroy the NHS’ place in the affections and esteem of the British people. Never mind blink – you could take a long sleep now and when you open your eyes the NHS will still be the subject of every piece of negative media coverage imaginable.
I’m reblogging this post to wish the NHS a happy, embattled 65th birthday. I’d love to say ‘Many Happy Returns’ – but unless we wake up, see what’s going on and defend our greatest institution, the NHS probably won’t see it’s 70th.



I’m hard-pressed to know how to start this post without sounding melodramatic. Ah, screw it – I’m just going to tell it how I see it. In the last week, after a long stealth-campaign against it, the Tories declared all-out war – in a carefully managed way, of course – on the NHS.

But if you blinked, you might be excused for missing it. Nobody in the mainstream media is drawing much attention to it. Even the better papers, such as The Guardian and The Independent, who are trying to highlight the government’s actions and plans toward the NHS, haven’t yet (that I’ve seen) drawn together the various threads into one article to let people see the the scale of this ‘declaration of war’. So I’ll try to do it here.

I wrote a few days ago that I could see, from the way ‘Health Secretary’ Andrew Lansley (I put…

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