‘Scroungers’ irrelevant to the welfare bill. Why Govt’s REALLY obsessed by them..

DWP and benefit issues are front and centre at the moment, with (Duncan) Smith due to appear before a parliamentary committee and a supposed ‘hit squad’ announced to ‘work with’ unemployed people by getting even tougher on them and draconian sanctions set to force hundreds of thousands into penury.
Meanwhile, the right-wing media continue to parrot the ‘scroungers’ issue to try to fool the ignorant into believing these measures are anything but wantonly cruel. But the whole issue of ‘scroungers’ is a nonsense – even the few that exist are irrelevant to the benefits bill, as this post of mine from the beginning of this year shows. It also shows why the government is obsessed with them – and it has nothing whatever to do with reducing the benefit ‘bill’.


  1. Exactly Steve. One reason why we won’t get CLL> HOUSES built while the Tories are in power. The real problem is getting the power back in the hands of REAL people.

  2. Brilliantly said. It seems our governments no longer have a concept of managing things for the people but rather one of managing things for themselves and their mates.

    I am totally sickened by the “blame the victim” mentality, not only of politicians but of so many who are fortunate to be reasonably comfortable. Most people that are unemployed are so through no fault of their own. Those who claim that it’s a bludgeon to live on a pittance and a hand-out (which, as an entitlement, it really isn’t)- must have little conception of the reality. In any case, if there are a few who are content to live on subsistence level income, then why not let them do so? I’m sure it would be far less costly than the army of people and processes which exist to catch the relatively small number that seek to abuse the system. I also feel that if the system weren’t so abusive, fewer would be inclined to abuse it in return.

    I’m clearly naive, I thought that government was a way of delivering equitable benefits of national wealth to all. Now it seems that the raisin d’aitre is to preserve or increase the privilege that comes with wealth and/or our puerile and anachronistic system of inherited superiority and privilege, as exemplified by the moronic admiration and praise lavished on our “Royal.Family”.

  3. Royal Family – their ancestors stole the country by force of arms and then seized what they wanted to live the life of Riley with their mates – and the people that they abused and stole from are labelled scrounges. – what are the royal family but parasites?

  4. It ‘s all done with smoke and mirrors, to deflect attention away from what is going on

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