From the DWP to the economy – the Coalition’s growing credibility chasm

Brilliantly reasoned piece by Vox Political on the idiocy of George Osborne’s economic idiocy. We need more of this kind of bold, radical thinking to challenge all the too-easily accepted tropes about debt, lack of cash, the need to ‘tighten our belts’ that are trotted out as fact on every news and politics show when austerity is mentioned.

It’s quite long but very worth the read. If you still have time and appetite afterward, I’d recommend reading it in conjunction with this:

Vox Political

The more we learn of the Tory-led Coalition’s policies, the wider the gap grows between what it is doing and what it should be doing.

Look at the sham psychometric tests, exposed by fellow blogger Steve Walker in a series of articles on his Skwawkbox site. It is now firmly established that the DWP – aided by the Cabinet office ‘nudge unit’ – set out to pressgang put-upon benefit claimants into taking part in a crude piece of neuro-linguistic programming – no matter what answers you provided, the test always pushed out a ridiculously upbeat appraisal of your character and then tried to get you to act according to this verdict in your jobsearching activities. The theory is that this will make a jobseeker more confident and finding a job easier. The problem is that it’s quite utterly ludicrous.

If you haven’t already, you can read the Skwawkbox exposure…

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