Today we are in Biblical Mode…

Oh, this is just so good – a perfect antidote to the weariness these thieves can induce. Please read and share!


  1. Just heard on the radio this morning – the extra financial cost of having our troops in Afghanistan is £15m a day. Forget Iraq, Libya and previous adventures elsewhere, forget Syria (?future spend) – just consider Afghanistan.
    All round the country, district hospitals, which do very good work, greatly valued by their communities, are threatened with closure/downgrading or it’s happened already. This is on the pretext of being “unaffordable”, “unsustainable” etc.
    Take Stafford Hospital, which is now close to a Francis-style quality of care. The financial gap is about £15m and projected over the next few years to get down to as low as £6m possibly (without loss of quality). Let’s say there are 80 hospitals who have had this sort of financial gap finessed upon them (we all know it’s an artificial construct, don’t we).
    This means that it is government policy to close or seriously downgrade up to half of all hospitals in England for a fifth of the excess cost of keeping our troops being bombed and fired at in one of our many adventures abroad.
    Welcome to civilisation folks!

    1. Actually it wasn’t Britnell wh promised to ‘show no mercy’ – it was his criticism of the planned reforms. But he does now appear to be part of the inner circle, committed to doing just that!

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