IDS and too many other ministers are having their way by playing ‘fast and loose’ with the facts

Brilliant from Vox Political, drawing together various strands of Tory deceit into a conclusive portrayal of a veritable web of lies.

Vox Political

It seems the Conservative Party is doing exactly as many of us feared, and using the attack in Woolwich on Wednesday to revive its proposals for laws to snoop on the emails and social media communications of law-abiding citizens.

Make no mistake – these powers would not be used for the good of the country, but for repression. And bear in mind that, for a Tory, the law is something that they set, and the poor obey. They think it doesn’t apply to them.

Let’s all remember that these new calls have been prompted by the actions of two men who were already known to – and monitored by – the security services. Monitoring your internet communications would not have made any difference to what happened in such a situation.

You cannot trust the Tories with the facts – all we have to do to prove that is look at…

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5 responses to “IDS and too many other ministers are having their way by playing ‘fast and loose’ with the facts

  1. Just read about IDS employing his wife(alledgedly),when he was leader of tory party,He should be in jail for expenses fraud,he is a liar and a thief,and should be held accountable for all his crimes,because no one should be above the law,unless you can make it up as you go along,as he seems top be able to.


  2. I hope I live to see this government be arrested for treason, corporate manslaughter and fraud! Especially IDS and Cameron, with Gove and all the other idiots too!


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