What you need to know about Atos assessments.

Yet more damning evidence of the DWP’s treatment of the vulnerable, this time from Sue Jones’ excellent blog. Please read and share widely!


  1. On 17th January in a House of Commons debate brought by Michael Meacher, about ATOS assessments and the high number of successful appeals,Mr Hoban, the Minister for Work and Pensions repeatedly stated categorically, “There are NO targets in the system”. Just a few months earlier, when giving evidence before the Work and Pensions Select Committee in November 2012, he said the idea of agreed targets between ATOS and the DWP was “rubbish”.
    Joyce Drummond’s evidence shows clearly that he lied before Parliament which is a sacking offence.We already know Duncan Smith has lied with his ‘creative’ use of statistics.
    What we need now is a public enquiry into the whole thing.

  2. Yes it was also on the news – BBC! The reporter asked for this article, and any others I’ve written about Atos, ater Joyce Drummind got in touch with her. Be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of it. Although I am expecting a “we know where you live” telephone call any day from Atos. Wouldn’t be the first time there’s been an attempt at censorship from them.

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