Nurses ‘uncaring’? Watch this

I want to keep this post short, as I don’t want my words to get in the way. This government, for its own political purposes, has been cynically promoting the idea that there is a lack of compassion in nursing in order to divert attention from the real problem in the NHS: understaffing.

The strident calls of some misguided patient groups has fuelled what has become a frenzy of nurse-bashing in many parts of the media, and some people are stupid enough to believe the smears.

Those people should watch this video. And then shut the f*** up.
(I know, but it’s needed on this occasion)

This is what we’re allowing to be attacked, with words and actions. This is what we stand to lose if we don’t defend our NHS – and stand up for the people who work in it.


  1. As you say!!! ‘watch the video then shut the f…..k up………’ Friends of a nation, life’s true carers……..should not be treated by the media in such a scandalous way…………

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    I’m reblogging a lot of Skwawkbox material lately, but I make no apology for this because it is too good to miss. You probably won’t see it in the national media, and it is exactly what Facebook is doing its damnedest to stop you from seeing.
    Considering the subject matter, what I’m about to write may seem like a poor attempt at wit. It isn’t.
    Please make this go viral.

  3. Steve, I have just been reduced to tears listening to this student nurse because everything she described I have experienced personally. I am at the end of my career and probably life experience has stood me in good stead when having to deal with such things. What a wise head on young shoulders and the NHS definitely needs more people like her.

  4. Passionate, We have been there and seen how student nurses and doctors change once they qulify. So who ever said shut the Fxxx xx, must work as a doctor ressusitating sick children for 30 years to say “do not thrive on theoritical idealism, not knowing the practical realities” before you comment.

    1. It is morally reprehensible that people should deride and scorn our NHS staff, doctors and nurses all. Those that do along with others who have Not worked out this government’s long term goal(s) should stop and really think for a moment: for those that scream about lack of care and compassion should realize: for our present delinquent and dysfunctional government to achieve their goal of complete privatization will result in the wide spread Means Testing of Care and Treatment for the many. This government will not for a moment consider tax breaks for care: instead there will be the creation of many Profiteering Companies only too willing to take our cash and provide a second or third rate service.
      Scream and shout in a misguided way.if you will: but realize the NHS was created from your money, now the same idealology that destroyed The Miners, Transport, Public Utilities, Steel Making, The Railways etc, will do the same again without a care or a tear as thousands die from being unable to pay for health care. – Its truly ironic that having destroyed culture around the world by pernicious colonialism the same type of ideological monsters now want to do the same here: bow your heads in shame if you do not stand up and fight to retain Our! NHS.

      1. I have paid a huge price for “Standing Up And Defending Patients”. Its not only me but my family had to suffer. Todays news was depressing because 111 was established based on Manchester Triage Scoring developed by nurses and medical students. If you are passionate to save the NHS, I did what it takes to defend my ethical duty.
        I will shut up and wish you all the best

  5. A deeply moving way of pointing out that those in command really don’t have a clue. What many NHS workers do, but especially nurses, is a job that can be complex, demanding and difficult. But what is often not appreciated is that many do a job that can sometimes be so harrowing that it eats away at the soul. And yet they keep doing it.

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