I wrote this post 6 months ago and I believe it’s even more pertinent now, when Labour has a lead in the polls, an opportunity to extend and solidify it by winning the battle of ideas, and boldness is more imperative than ever in putting forward ideas and a worldview that are genuinely, fundamentally different from the trite, shallow nonsense that’s peddled as ‘just the way things are’.
Ed and Ed, what we need from you is boldness, not caution; ideas, not acquiescence; an appeal to the hearts and minds of the people, not to the wallets of marketeers. I believe you can do it.

Fortune favours the brave, and voters will favour the bold. We’re dying – often literally – for a better vision, and only Labour has a chance of showing it to people.


There’s some necessary scene-setting in this post – context that has to be grasped for the main point to make sense. I don’t think this is going to be my most entertaining post, but I believe it’s an important one, so please bear with it if you can.

I’ve just flown back overnight from Africa. I don’t generally sleep fantastically well on planes, especially when I’m in the middle seat and sandwiched between two people as ill-suited to narrow economy-class seats as I am. So I spent most of the night re-reading parts of Naomi Klein’s excellent, eye-opening work ‘The Shock Doctrine’. If you haven’t read it, then please put it at the top of your reading list – it’s one of those books that causes a true paradigm-shift: you come out of reading it different than you went in, and a lot of governmental, quasi-governmental and corporate behaviour makes…

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