Nice, clear, straightforward post showing the mounting UK debt under Tory abuse and mismanagement, no matter what Cameron and Osborne claim or how they fudge the figures.

Babylon Vigilante

Do you know your debt from your deficit? Here’s an indicator as to the debt…

Current UK national debt numbers. Courtesy of

Gross National Debt
FY 2013* $1.16 trillion
FY 2012* $1.04 trillion
FY 2011 $0.91 trillion
FY 2010 $0.76 trillion
FY 2009 $0.62 trillion
FY 2008 $0.53 trillion


* Future National Debt is estimated by HM Treasury.

So he is already knocking on putting half a trillion (£500 000 000 000: five hundred thousand million or five hundred billion pounds) extra on top of the debt since he came to office at the moment. How much more will he add before he leaves? …

...More debt. Although Camoron will tell you otherwise.Lies.

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