IDS: ‘feel sorry for me, not the poor and disabled’?

‘Discombobulated monkey’ Iain Duncan Smith: hounding the disabled is not his only strenuous job

It’s tough at the top.

I have it from a cast iron, but necessarily anonymous, source that Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was seeking sympathy from a colleague recently for what a tough time he’s been having.

IDS was apparently suffering from exhaustion, aches and pains. The cause? Not the onerous workload of his ‘mission’ to deprive the disabled and the poor of every scrap of support he can get away with, but a weekend spent ‘beating’ the local moor to drive out game for some of his neighbourhood toffs to shoot.

In the Commons yesterday, Duncan Smith ill-temperedly called opposition MPs a bunch of

discombobulated, bouncing monkeys

which is pretty rich coming from not just a member, but a former leader, of the party known for its guffawing, scoffing, boorish behaviour in the House. Clearly his weekend activities are wearing him out and and making him even more grumpy than normal.

Much as I sympathise with his plight, and whatever your opinion about shooting birds, rabbits or whatever with a shotgun, I’d like to suggest that IDS devote all of his time and effort to his country pastime.

It’s a whole lot less harmful for him to spend his days ‘beating’ the moor for poor, defenceless animals than in beating up the UK’s sick and disabled, the unemployed and the working poor – and he’ll be a lot less tired, poor man.

Perhaps he could even get all his front-bench colleagues to do the same, and we’d all be a lot better off.


  1. IDS is employed by the people of this country to do a job of work, if his weekend sports make him unfit to do the job then he should be sacked/ not allowed to resign. If he was fit he might see what an ass he is making of himself.

  2. It might be shadenfreude, but I really can’t help but feel rather glad to know that this nasty mean minded person isn’t having a happy time.
    I’m sure it’s not as bad as the times being endured by the sick, unemployed and vulnerable citizens he is supposed to be serving, but instead chooses to persecute.
    Lets have a few more blue Mondays for the creep, and all his ilk.

  3. I wonder if lack of reflexivity and compassion will be classed as a “disability.” Them way ATOS could assess IDS cut his salary, tax his bedroom and the Mail and Sun could tell recurring lies about him and his kind…. On the other hand ATOS might just conclude that lack of compassion is not a disability but a prerequisite for being a Tory…..

  4. Poor thing, being a failed party leader who now has to bow to his failed speech writer, Scameron, he feels he has to demonstrate his manhood by using big words. He, obviously, intended to obnubilate the discussion in order, once again, to head off revealing the truth that his role is to keep the plebs in their place.

  5. If he had a smidgeon of intelligence, morality or insight he might just put one or two indicators together here which could lead him to a damascene conversion. Physical work is hard and tiring, and you don’t get over it immediately, the effects stay with you for a few days. This is true for many able-bodied people. If you add in a disability, it might take even longer for the body to recover from just ONE DAY of toil. A disabled person who is declared ‘fit for work’ will have no recovery time after a day, they will be expected to turn up for work the next day, and the next, and the next….. a couple of days off isn’t going to really give their bodies time to recover in time for the next week’s labours, is it? Being able to walk a little way and lift a little thing isn’t really going to assess how a disabled body will cope with a normal pattern of work, day after day. Pity Mr IDS didn’t ponder on this when he was complaining about his poorly aches and pains.

  6. He is a former serving Army Officer he now is in charge of the D.W.P and over sees ATOS. Both groups attack veterans with full vigor .
    I am glad it was not under his command. He would more than lock you up for getting shot on the battle field.

  7. Keith he wasn’t an army officer, he was a glorified bag carrier, he then got thrown out and and went off and claim JSA, he got another job, lost it and claimed JSA again..He then blagged his way into politics..

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