Unbelievable: not 1 Tory turns up for ‘bedroom tax’ debate

The Tories’ complete contempt for ordinary people couldn’t have been more clearly demonstrated than it was in yesterday’s Westminster Hall debate on the onerous, ludicrously-unfair ‘bedroom tax’, which will impoverish millions of struggling people for daring to have a spare bedroom, by deducting benefits.

This includes many people whose children are at university and millions of estranged parents who will be punished for having a room for their visiting children to stay in.

Not one Tory turned up for the debate. Not a single one, apart from the minister who was obliged to attend. Even the pathetic LibDems couldn’t be bothered to make an appearance.



For more details, read Eoin Clark’s excellent blog here.


  1. Why am I not surprised? Not only are they demonstrating their contempt for the people of this country, they are indicating their stance on all of the targeting of those who are struggling quite clearly. They simply want rid of us. They were voted in to serve the people of this country and they have been found wanting. It is beyond time that the people send in a vote of no confidence in this government, before they do irreparable damage to us all. It is utterly disgusting. We are being thrust back into Dickensian times… are their no prisons? And the workhouses? Are they still in operation? Better we all die now and decrease the surplus population and yet MPs want to vote themselves in a 36% pay rise? I’m sorry, but ALL MPs should be ashamed of themselves. They are standing by while people are dying, becoming homeless, committing suicide and being the victims of hate crimes against the disabled.

      1. no they weren,t voted in they won by default !! A vote of no confidence is what is needed Anne I agree 100% the sooner the better before civil war grips this country, look at what the younger generation caused in the riots, just think what a nation of people could do.m

    1. Anne, it is a systematic pogrom of the poor. Fueled by a hatred of the poor, and supported by the Lib/Dems, to their eternal shame. I have also heard that there are, in fact, some Conservatives who are very worried about this and who do not agree with it at all.

      But they are too afraid to speak out in case of reprisals from the Conservative hierarchy. Well, it is time to get off the fence and SPEAK OUT. As Martin Luther King once said, [and I quote] ‘An unjust law is no law at all’..

  2. Firstly it’s only a debate, not a vote. As to attendance. It could be that the majority of Tory MPs agree that it is a farce and so couldn’t turn up and defend it. So one view could be that the Tories aren’t the nasty party (well the Minister is for proposing it), but that they think it’s stupid and indefensible.

    Finally, looking at the number of empty seats, I can’t imagine that they are all Con/LibDem. Some Labour MPs didn’t turn up – disgraceful, it should be 100%.

  3. This “Bedroom Tax” will severely affect single Armed Forces Personnel and could leave them without a base for leave periods.

  4. As we pay for there second homes,which on doubt have more than one bedroom,then they should subject to this Bedroom Tax as well, but will they ??

    1. Only if they’re also claiming housing benefit, unfortunately, since the ‘tax’ will be levied via deductions from housing benefit – hitting low-paid working people as well as the unemployed.

  5. They are being given Tax payers money to pay there rent and in effect that is a form of Benefit as well as payment of their Council Tax as well which is a Benefit.they should be made to pay like the rest of us after all “We Are In This together”according to the PM.

    1. Er, excuse me, you have forgotten one crucial point. They are NOT being given taxpayers money at all. They have worked for their money and are only getting back what they have paid in. So, IT IS THEIR MONEY THEY ARE CLAIMING BACK. As for those who have never worked, that is a different story. Those who have never worked, ARE getting taxpayers money.

    2. And, furthermore, if you want to play like that, the ROYAL FAMILY are getting taxpayers money for all of their STATELY HOMES THAT WE PAY FOR! As do those multimillionaire public schoolboy politicians, for their two and three homes, PAID FOR BY US!

  6. The bedroom tax is a direct and vicious attack on the poor and low paid. It is as simple as that. This will cause major civil unrest throughout the country. The bunch of reptiles, parading as our ‘Government’ have systematically destroyed the Welfare State. They are uncaring, unfeeling b******s of the highest order. I wonder if the bedroom tax – if they are so concerned about the size of the Housing Benefit bill – will include the homes of the Royal Family?

    I am sure, Sandringham Castle, Windsor Castle, Highgrove, and Buckingham Palace, have more than enough rooms to house those who are about to be made homeless?

    After all, those stately homes are PAID FOR BY US! And I wonder if these multimillionaire public schoolboys, playing at being ‘politicians’,will give up their second and third homes PAID FOR BY US! This tax is illegal, and I suggest we go through all the legal channels to get it STOPPED as it rides roughshod over our human rights.

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