I was writing the other day about something pernicious. Well, this definitely fits that description – please take a look.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s UK today)

Please note – 3UK haven’t flagged this site due to a mistake from over-sensitive filtering. They’ve said it’s flagged as policy because it contains what they call ‘mature content’.

UK internet service provider and mobile network 3UK have admitted they are now censoring – flagging or blocking – websites like this one which include satirical and critical political content.

They admitted in a tweet that they now flag and block not just sites with ‘adult content’ but also sites which include what they bizarrely call ‘mature content’:

three UK blocking websites

This means that if 3UK don’t already know your ID – for example you’re on PAYG – when you try to visit a website 3UK have flagged as containing ‘mature content’ it will be blocked with a warning similar to the one you might get for adult content like extreme pornography.

When a site is blocked in…

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