I’ve been asked to share the following by the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, which I think it important and worthwhile:

Last week’s Autumn Statement exposed the grim truth of David Cameron’s economic failure. Growth down. Borrowing up. And Britain’s strivers paying the price.

Since then hundreds of people have been in touch to tell us their fears about what David Cameron’s failure means for them and their families.

We’ve now launched a website, www.thepriceoftoryfailure.com, to share those stories.

This one, from Robert, was typical of what we’ve received so far:

My daughter and her partner relied on their tax credit to make ends meet. George Osborne cut tax credits earlier this year and they are now £25 per week worse off; this has put them almost on the bread line.”

Robert’s daughter isn’t an exception or someone who has slipped through the cracks. With support cut for working families, many of them the poorest in society, she’s just one of many ordinary working people who are picking up the bill for this government’s failure.

We need more of these stories to expose the truth of this government which is cutting tax for millionaires while millions pay more – will you share yours?

David Cameron tried to say he was making further cuts aimed at the “shirkers and scroungers”, but the truth is that six out of ten people hit by these cuts are people who get up every morning and go to work. The lowest paid ­families ­getting tax credits. The new mum who will lose £180 in maternity pay.

At the same time – next April each person earning over £1 million a year will be getting on­ ­average a tax cut of £107,000 each, not just for one year, but every year.

I’m asking every Labour Party member and supporter to back the people who are doing the right thing – who are in work, or trying to find work, but need a little bit of help to get by.

Will you help us share these stories and back those that need our help the most?

Show the Tories they are out of touch with the vast majority, on the side of the wrong people.

Liam Byrne

Three things you can do now:

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  1. I am now, officially, a scrounging scumbag according to Scameron and his ” fag ” Osborne. As a disabled pensioner who has paid into the National INSURANCE scheme for 50 years I am penalised for claiming on that INSURANCE. Three cuts this year to my housing benefit and having received that magnificent rise in my income of £5.30 a week they then took £5.19 from my Pension Credit leaving me, in total, £790 a year worse off. We now have to wait until 6.00pm to put the electric fire on to get warm and this whilst Scameron claims his £25,000pa for housing benefit and up to £1000pm for utilities for a house he rarely visits. All in it together? Bah Humbug!. When will Labour stop apologising for a GLOBAL problem amd start fighting for us the plebs!!.

    1. I couldn’t agree more – and I’ve written on several occasions calling on Labour to go on the offensive. I think it might be starting, given their recent response on the benefit cap etc. I hope so.

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