Poole NHS shamefully refuses FOI. Again.

As I mentioned some days ago, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust continued to act shamefully in ridiculously claiming that neither it nor its highly-paid consultant David Amos had made any notes at all of meetings with The Kings Fund, the Dept of Health, the Foundation Trust Network (FTN) or NHS Employers – and then switching tack altogether by indicating that notes were made but would not be released.

I appealed the refusal to disclose the requested information and have received the following equally outrageous response:

OUR REF: IG/2015

Dear Mr Walker,

I refer to your e-mail dated 2 November 2012.

I apologise if you feel that the information sent to you was unhelpful.

I have contacted all the key stakeholders again to ensure that any
relevant information that you have requested from this Trust, is made

With regards to our communications with the ICO, they confirmed that any
NHS related documentation, carried out by NHS staff on NHS premises, falls
under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore this
Trust would be responsible for any notes taken by any individual, which
are in the possession of the Trust.

As both our Chief Executive and Communications Lead were employed by this
Trust during discussions with the SWC, any notes which they may have made,
or which others gave to us so that they are in our possession, would fall
within our responsibility under the Act. This Trust would not be
responsible for any information created or held by other individuals
within the SWC, and held at another site.

In accordance with previous information supplied to you, the individuals
who work for this Trust, who may have been in a position to take notes at
SWC meetings, have clearly stated that no such notes were taken.

Our HR director has confirmed that she holds no documentation that falls
within your request. This has been verified by our Information Governance

Therefore, I have to restate that no individual at this Trust holds any of
the information you have detailed in your request.

It’s simply unbelievable that the Trust and/or its consultant would conduct meetings with governing bodies and statutory bodies without making a single note of matters discussed and ensuing action points, or that it would arrange a conference of the South West pay cartel’s (SWC) member Trusts without any kind of presentation materials, handouts, reference materials or notes of the ensuing discussions.

Yet the Trust, which acts as the lead for the SWC, continues to insist that it is so – even though it had changed its response halfway through, indicating that notes were taken. Whatever it’s hiding, it must be very incriminating.

I’ve complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office and will post more once I have news from them.

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