Middlesbrough by-election application update

Well, Labour’s central office told me I could apply for shortlisting, but that I had very little chance of selection because the 12-month membership rule is waived only in exceptional circumstances. So I’ve submitted an application and told them I’m an exceptional candidate.

It’s a slim chance, but let’s see what happens. The chance to stand in my home town and serve the local people is too important – and isn’t likely to come up again until I’m near retirement. And I’m good at applications… 🙂


  1. Hi, wish you luck. If you don’t get it How about becoming CO_founder & Chairman of BSCParty You could do worse.

    On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 6:35 PM, skwalker1964

    1. It’s an option but not one with a realistic chance of winning. Middlesbrough’s a Labour town. Besides, I’m a Labour member and agree with their traditional values.

  2. Hi Steve,

    We here at the Unison branch in Bath are cheering you on. Lets hope they make the most of what you have to offer, it will be a criminal waste and a loss to the Labour party any other way.

    I sent an email yesterday;

    Dear Middlesborough Labour Party,

    I am writing to ask you to please reconsider your rule that only members with more than 12 months membership may apply to stand as a candidate in local elections.

    Steve Walker, regulary writes a blog under the name of Skywalker1964 and is a vociferous campaigner against cuts to public services and in particular the NHS. He has had a number of FOI successes that have exposed the link between the treasury and the SW Pay cartel and clearly demonstrates the government’s plan to introduce regional pay via the NHS foundation trust network.

    If Steve lived the South west he most definitely would get our vote, staff and union reps across the SW have been following and cheering him on in his campaign to expose this government’s plans to privatise the NHS and Steve has also exposed MPs personal interests in private health care companies who stand to benefit from the fragmenation of our NHS.

    Steve has applied to stand as a candidate in the local election following the death of MP Stuart bell, unfortunately the rules on length of membership do not allow him to stand. I personally believe this will be to the detriment of the people of Middlesborough and urge you to reconsider the rule to allow Steve the chance to represent them.

    Thank you

    With regards

    Maggie Bruniges Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 17:35:10 +0000 To: maggieb009@hotmail.com

  3. Well if it’s any help I’ve emailed the constituency party and told them that if I lived in their area I’d vote for you in a hearbeat as your excellent analytical skills and grasp of facts and figures coupled with your passion and commitment would make you an asset to the people of the area, the party, and, as a member of the House, to this country. (I used a few more sentences than this) Best of luck


  4. Steve, from what I have read, if you were being chosen by the people you’d be in. But you have to be pre-selected by the party first. True you could stand as independant but the system erects tremendous odds against this line being effective. The illusion is that this state of affairs is democratic. Best of luck but
    the barriers are already being erected.

  5. Hi Steve. I’m interested to learn whether your application is accepted/progressed.

    I’m running a non-partisan blog on the by election – if you aren’t actively involved please feel free to contribute to the blog. http://newmiddlesbrough.blogspot.com

    I’m using the blog to push the electorate to demand more from MPs and in particular to push the next MP to take some responsibility for generating genuine improvement across Middlesbrough – which has deteriorated for the last 30 years – despite have Labour in control.


    Andy Preston

    1. Hi Andy,

      I should know tomorrow one way or the other. If I don’t get through myself, I’ll be helping my preferred candidate over the weekend, so there should be plenty to write about – the issue will be finding time to do it! But I’m sure I’ll manage.

      I’m all for demanding more from candidates in terms of fighting for improvements for the area – if I do get through to the hustings that will be one of the key pillars of my pitch.

      Talk soon!

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