As Beecroft rears its ugly head again (via Michael Fallon this time, here’s why it’s (still) rubbish.


Lots in the press today about the now-infamous Beecroft Report – and lots of conflicting information from coalition politicians. Vince Cable claims to have blocked the recommendations while his Tory supposed-underling claimed in Parliament that 17 of the 23 recommendations were already in the process of being implemented with the rest under consideration/discussion.

The Tories are trying to spin these measures as good for growth, in order to justify putting a set of nasty, grasping, self-serving policies into law that will do the opposite of what they claim while lining the pockets of the rich. Measures written, moreover, by a man who clearly stands to gain personally and professionally from their implementation. I’ve spent most of my evening reading through the full report, which was leaked to the Telegraph (you can read it here: and reading up on its author.

As the media are all reporting on…

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