More FOI requests re DH/BBC communications on the NHS

I wrote this morning about how the BBC tried to use sleight of hand to avoid answering my Freedom of Information Act request concerning their communications with the Dept of Health regarding the NHS – I believe there to have been active collusion between the DH and the BBC to avoid coverage of the damage being done to the NHS since the passage of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and the FOI request is an attempt to find the ‘smoking gun’. I’ve appealed the response and await their answer before I decide whether to refer the matter to the Information Commissioner.

In the meantime, to open alternative routes to the information, I’ve also submitted 2 further FOI requests – one to the DH for its communications with the BBC since the start of 2012, and the other to the BBC concerning communications between the DH and the BBC’s health correspondent. Between these two requests, the appealed FOI request to the BBC, and the modified FOI request already submitted regarding communications specifically of the BBC executive board, I hope to get at the critical information.

The text of the new requests is below:

To: Department of Health 
Subject: Freedom of Information request – Communications with BBC since 1/1/12

Dear Department of Health,

Under the FOI Act I wish to receive a copy of:

1) any email sent by your department to the BBC since 1/1/12
including any email history intact.
2) minutes/notes of any meetings or telephone calls between your
department and the BBC during the same period.

Thank you.

Steve Walker


To: British Broadcasting Corporation 
Subject: Freedom of Information request – Communications between Fergus Walsh & Dept of Health

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I wish to receive a copy of
all emails and meeting/telephone conversation notes between your
Health Correspondent Fergus Walsh (or on his behalf) and the
Department of Health, from 1 Dec 2011 to 31 July 2012.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Walker

I’ll post updates on this blog as and when I receive responses.

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