From some of the things I’ve been reading lately, including some of the comments on the blog, it seems like it’s time to reblog this post on why austerity can only make the economic situation worse, and what the government should be doing if it wants to make an improvement (which is highly questionable, since they’re using the austerity-excuse for ideological ends).


Sometimes, I reach my wits’ end with the ideas and pronouncements of the ConDem government, especially the Con part. Quite often, actually. Very often, even. You see, I swim in the kind of pond that Tory dreams are made of. I’d be an ideal Tory poster-boy, if it wasn’t for all the ways in which I’m not.

I grew up poor, in a small terraced house, with a stay-at-home mother who had aspirations for us, and a tough but kind, steel-working dad. We had no phone in the house, nor did either parent drive, until well after I left home and got married. My mother knew her kids were capable of good things, and pushed us – but never over-hard – to develop ourselves. I discovered a talent for business and ended up in a well-paid job that takes me to weird and wonderful places all over the world, exporting

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  2. The cash handout is not a comedian’s idea. It is Australian economist Prof Steve Keen’s debt jubilee. He wants sufficient to be distributed to bring private debt down to 15% of GDP, the proviso being that people and companies have to clear their debts before any other spending. The best bit of the idea is that all the deleveraging would curtail the big banks’ speculative ventures, because they wouldn’t have the assets (ie other people’s debts) with which to trade.


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