As the government is refreshing its nasty little piece of vitriol against ‘problem families’ that have problems rather than being a problem, and it’s being parrotted without much challenge by the BBC, I’m reblogging this post on their fetish for demonisation, with a look at the ludicrous criteria they’ve used for assessing what constitutes a problem family.


As someone who pays close attention to news and politics, and who has an eye for patterns, it’s very clear to me that the Tories have a particular methodology that they return to with such unfailing frequency that it can legitimately be called a fetish. Of course, my own view is that it’s a completely cynical tactic that they use either to distract from their many failures or to gain support, from anyone who isn’t paying close attention, for inhumane or blatantly crooked policies. But it’s clearly an approach that sits very easily with their character – or lack of it.

The pattern is this: whenever you need to distract from being actually crap at running the country, or you want to push through a policy that screams ‘unfairness!’, or ‘robbery!’ or the like, find a group which is vulnerable, or is daring to resist the policy you want to…

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