Since Cameron’s been using his ‘biggest deficit in Europe’ claim in Prime Minister’s Questions AGAIN today, it seemed worth reposting this blog, which shows that while it’s a more subtle lie, it’s still a lie..


A hopefully short but very necessary post. On Monday, in the House of Commons, David Cameron did it again. Challenged by Ed Miliband on his complete failure to secure any benefits for Britain or any progress for the global economy at last week’s G20 conference in Mexico (where he made his speeches in front of a backdrop to hide the fact that it was a very nice junket to a tropical idyll), Cameron fell back on a subtle variation of one of the most persistent Tory mantras.

Blaming Labour for Britain’s poor standing, Cameron stated that Labour left the Tories (see ‘the myth of the inherited mess‘) with a national deficit ‘bigger than Greece, bigger than Portugal, bigger than Spain!”. Deficit and debt confuse a lot of people, but if you’re not sure, think of ‘deficit’ as the amount you spend on your credit card in a year…

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