A complaint to the BBC re non-coverage of NHS & welfare destruction

I’ve mentioned on various occasions how the BBC is letting down the nation by its almost complete failure to give coverage to some of the most damaging measures this government is implementing, as well as by parroting as if true the government’s excuses for those measures. I’ve just visited www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complain-online to log a complaint about this. The text is below. It’s very likely that an individual complaint won’t be taken seriously – but a wave of complaints along the same lines (please don’t copy and paste mine unless you have to – writing your own will be more effective!) is harder to ignore. If you agree with me about the issue, please visit the BBC site and enter your own complaint.

Here’s mine:

The government’s Health & Social Care Act is dismantling the NHS piece by piece so that no one sees the full effects in time to prevent it.

Duncan-Smith & co are demonising the disabled, unemployed & those on benefits.

Last week a whole day was devoted to the resignation of a single banker, and much more to the banking debacle on an ongoing basis. ‘fluff’ items about the Queen found space, as did many other items of minor interest. But barely a word (I can remember none at all, and I watch BBC News most of the day) on TV or radio about the far greater crimes being perpetrated on our sick & vulnerable, and on the system that should be protecting them.

It’s not good enough, and it’s allowing the government to put through these damaging measures by stealth.

There is more than enough room for these matters to be given proper coverage without in any way degrading the BBC’s neutrality. In fact, the lack of coverage goes so far as to constitute ‘aiding & abetting’. Please change this.


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