Additional FOI information request to the Dept of Health

As it’s likely that DH will only provide information from the point that the Bill started to be discussed as a DH item, and because it’s not possible that the NHS bill was created from scratch in 2 months, I also want to see the briefing document that the Tories gave to DH to get them started. So, this is what I’ve requested:

To: Department of Health 
Subject: Internal review of Freedom of Information request – Creation of the Health and Social Care Bill/Act

Dear Department of Health,

Further to my email earlier this afternoon, I also wish to receive
a copy of the initial briefing document (by whatever name it was
called) that was given to the department by the incoming Minister
and/or his team, or by any other coalition MP or official, along
with the date that you received it.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Walker

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