Leveson coaching: my FOI request to Cameron’s office

This morning I’ve submitted the following Freedom of Information request to David Cameron’s office (point 6 was added, and the whole submitted as a new request, following a very useful suggestion in the comments!):

Dear Prime Minister’s Office,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I require to know the

1) Whether ministers, special advisors, civil servants and other
government personnel were coached or in any way given preparation
for their testimony to the Leveson enquiry.

2) Whether any such coaching/preparation was provided to
non-government witnesses, and if so, to whom.

3) How any such coaching or preparation was funded.

4) The cost of any such training or coaching.

5) By whom the training/coaching was carried out.

6) Any emails/texts sent from the private or official email accounts and mobile phones of ministers, officials and other agents regarding the above.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Walker

If the Tories have been using public funds to prepare them to defend their wrongdoings, it’s a clear misuse of public funds. Details of who received coaching, and by whom the coaching was done, should be very significant and highly relevant to the results of the enquiry, and to the (un)fitness of Cameron and co to lead the country. If public funds have been used to pay for coaching of any witnesses who are not/no longer in govt, and who might potentially give testimony damaging to the Conservative party, that is even more serious.

Watch this space for news on what response I get.


  1. Perhaps a reference to the use of private email accounts to do Government business should also have got a mention?

      1. Perhaps both – if “private” who knows what is contained and being discussed appropriately.

  2. Good luck – If Tom Watson’s experience is typical with FOI requests to No 10 you may be in for a long wait!

    1. See also:

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