Since this was originally published before the blog started to become popular, it’s a very important topic, and I’ve just got back from 36hrs away, I’m reblogging this!


The Tory faction of the coalition government, fronted by the woeful Francis Maude of ‘keep petrol in your garage’ fame (how out of touch the Tories are is wonderfully demonstrated by the fact he just assumed everyone has a garage!), is ramping up its noise about ‘market-facing’, or regionally variable, pay for public-sector workers.

Its rationale – at least the one they’ll tell you about – seems to be that because wage-rates are lower in some areas than others, it doesn’t need to pay as much – and that it would be better to pay less as this would somehow make it easier for private sector companies to grow because they won’t have to pay as much to ‘win’ employees. This will supposedly result in economic growth while also cutting public sector costs – and all without an adverse impact on services.

Sounds magic – if you’re a natural Tory…

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