UK democracy downgraded to ‘obstructed’ in international rating list

Civicus rates UK civil liberties and democracy alongside Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary and Burkina Faso in annual survey, amid government’s war on civil rights – but there will be no improvement under a Starmer government

The map of Civicus-rated countries

The UK’s democracy and civil life have been downgraded to ‘obstructed’ in the Civicus annual survey of almost two hundred countries, because of the Tories’ assault on rights of protest and strike. ‘Obstructed’ is just one level above the ‘repressed’ status of countries such as Kazakhstan, Guatemala or Jordan and puts the UK on a par with countries like Burkina Faso, Hungary and Kyrgyzstan.

In fact, the UK’s rating should arguably be worse, as the Civicus index does not appear to take into account the importance of functional political media to hold governments to account and the UK’s media structure is fundamentally broken, with most media acting as Establishment mouthpieces, apologists and cheerleaders on many issues, keeping the public in the dark and suppressing unrest.

Tragically for the people of this country, the situation is likely to get worse rather than better. ‘Opposition’ leader Keir Starmer, a ‘long-time servant of the security state’ has amply demonstrated that is fully on board with the government’s attacks on democratic and civil rights and on proper journalism.

Since the assault on Corbyn’s Labour succeeded, the UK continues to slide into fascism.

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  1. Keef been asked for a comment? I’m rather keen to hear what he has to say about it.

      1. Civicus also has some interesting things to say about Russia
        In Russia, the government’s crackdown on civic space further intensified since it launched its full-scale war on Ukraine, prompting a rating change from repressed to closed. Nationwide anti-war protests have been brutally repressed, with over 19,500 people detained since February 2022. Journalists reporting on protests have faced brutal attacks. Several independent media outlets have shut down as a result of ongoing pressure from the authorities, while a recently passed foreign agents law is likely to be used to further stifle civil society. Russia’s downgrade follows its addition to the CIVICUS Monitor Watchlist in March 2022.

      2. Toffee – Of course you’re right, the article is about the contents of the latest annual report by Civicus and considering the excoriating remarks they have made in this report about Russia I thought that Putin’s useless idiots may benefit from a dose of reality from what I presume is a reliable source.

      3. qwertboi – Do I?
        I was under the impression that it was all about Putin and his narcissistic insecurities.

      4. Strange, that when I posted a link to your first point of referral (labourlist) you had nothing to reply with.

        If they’re putin’s useful idiots what does that make you?

        That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if keef – self-absorbed, deluded narcissist that he is – vehemently distanced himself even from you and your fawningly sycophantic utter bollocks.

        That is, of course, if he’s even aware of you and your unhealthy idolisation of him.

      5. Toffee – Was there something that you said that warranted a response?

      6. Guess who’s posted over 40% of the comments? Yet again!

        But he’s not a full-time paid Establishment shill, and it’s just a hobby of his you understand, which is just the sort of thing someone would spend much of theirr time doing every day if they retired to the Carib!bean.

        Perfectly normal of course!

        NB The thing is, why does he bother when he knows that no-one is taken in by anything he says?

      7. Allan – I’m here for your benefit, what would you do with your life if my posts weren’t here for you count?

      8. Two Cheeks
        You mean the man Starmer can only dream of emulating

    1. Yes I downloaded this report a few days ago.

      No surprise.

      No hope from Starmer still less of a surprise.

    1. Thanks Tony. Yes, the next General Election will be the first in my lifetime in which I will not vote Labour. The authoritarian centrist, Starmer, will have the same effect on many people.

      1. qwertboi – The polls are strongly and consistently indicating the contrary.

      2. Looks like that opinion poll is out of touch and well past its sell by date;

        On present trends – accelerated by millions of low paid struggling workers remembering Starmer’s role in keeping their wages below their ability to earn a living – by the time of the next General election the present Labour Junta will be lucky to get its deposits back.

      1. It’s been put in a mass grave, alongside your conscience, comprehension and chilvary.

  2. The UK’s so-called “democracy” has been bought and paid for by American and State-of-Israel money for years.
    Labour’s leadership is ridiculous:
    Sir Keith Starmer KCB (Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.
    Sir Keith Starmer KCB – The only UK MP who is a member of the Trilateral Commission – The political arm of America’s foreign policy for maintaining America’s dominance of the World Order.
    Starmer is a fifth columnist in the Labour Party acting on behalf of a foreign power.

    It’s time the members of the Labour Party woke up to the fact that their party has been hi-jacked.

    UK democracy – It’s a joke

    1. So you keep telling us 🥱but for some reason nobody, including his political opponents, seems to give a toss. I wonder why?🤔

      1. You know perfectly well why they don’t. It doesn’t mean that it’s not true though – in fact it supports the notion that Starmer’s job is to destroy Labour as an effective opposition to unfettered capitalism.

      2. qwertboi – “You know perfectly well why they don’t”

        NO I DON’T Perhaps you could explain why❓

      3. qwertboi — What’s wrong, has the cat got your tongue❓

      4. Starmer doesn’t appear to have any political opponents; not in Parliament nor MSM……..the ultimate establishment poitical everyman. GB, the one party state, just like USA.

      5. steve101704 – We all saw what happens when two thirds of the electorate are consistently expressing a dislike for a party leader, particularly when that party is also consistently behind in the polls. Surely you should be rejoicing that Labour’s new leader and the party he leads have a wider appeal and are consistently ahead in the polls. You can’t achieve anything without the power to do so.

    2. Bought pretty cheaply. I would hazard a guess that a Labour Party mp goes for a third of a Tory. Cheap and miserable.

  3. Please vote for independent MP’s, MSP’s, MWP’s & councillors at the next election as society needs the opportunity to heal. Labour-In-Name-Only; led by a confirmed Zionist, is not the answer to the demise of our society. We need consensus through cooperation not a consensus to continue as before.

    1. Or to put it a little more succinctly ‘Please waste your vote’ is the best that you could come up with.

      1. Rather than hand it to that greasy ratbastard to continue austerity, and augment corporate law to the point whereby it supersedes and trumps common law, then why not?

      2. Toffee – Sorry, but I still have no idea what you are on about. Do you?
        Perhaps you could help me out by explaining what you mean.

      1. Doug – I see you’re still reliving your childhood.
        What on earth are you blathering on about, what is it that you think that Jeremy Corbyn and the Farmer’s Party have in common?

  4. I have just looked at the Civicus website and found the report from which this map is taken. A couple of things to say about it.
    1. My impression of life in the UK, not simply over the past year, but for a number of years now, is that democracy is losing out, in part because of the lack of presentation of and discussion of perspectives which do not conform with the “official” line; the Labour Party being a clear example of this but is far from the only one [see the NUS So it seems to me that a downgrading of the UK is appropriate.
    2. I do, however, have one concern about Civicus, and that is that they do not make it clear what data they collected about each country, how they translated the data into numbers for each of the criteria that they say they assess, and how/if those numbers are weighted when producing an overall rating.

    I shall continue to search for the methodology used but, until I find it and am satisfied that it is robust, I’ll reserve judgement on whether to take much notice of it.

    1. Mmmm?
      I found a link that says “Contact Civicus” and thought I’d message them to ask about their methodology.
      The link took me to a message that said “Page not Found”.
      I do hope that they don’t simply produce their ratings by how they feel in their waters.
      If anyone can find out their methodology, or even just a way of contacting them, I’d be grateful.

      1. Mmmm, persuaded me gb, civicus is dressing up some random thoughts as something more. I wonder which billionaire or its NGO is financing this and what he/she/they are trying to achieve with o. what the billions

    2. A sound choice given that not dissimilar conclusions could be made across the entirety of the West/Zone A.

      As this recent piece observes:

      “How did we end up in the West with an entire ‘leadership’ class – politics, foreign affairs, business, universities, ‘journalism’, etc. – that became completely incompetent, in every conceivable way, simultaneously?

      They always do the worst possible thing, even when sane and obvious alternatives are right in front of them. A lot of it is bribery and blackmail, now on an industrial scale, but I can’t help but think that early life brain damage due to environmental poisoning is also playing a big role.

      There is also a very strange rejection of reality, as if we can wish our way around physics and biology and economics, and even around the fact that there are others out there who might have different goals than we do, goals which we assume we can completely ignore (note how often these days the West is completely blindsided by sovereign decisions of other countries). We could fix all the problems by literally making a list of what these clowns are doing now, and doing the exact opposite.”

      That final sentence summing up in just twenty three words the answer to steveH’s question about viable alternatives.

    3. I put a little time into civicus. My general opinion is that NGOs are not to be trusted. This goes up to 11 when they try to hide any information whatsoever.

      A quick look on whois confirms to me that they are shady. All information concerning the owner has been removed for privacy. Why?

      Then there’s the fact they are obviously well financed. Again, suspicious, especially when you look at who we are in their website.

      Yet another well funded non governmental operation trying to influence direction. Avoid and do not trust.

      1. ‘Non-Governmental Organisations – large organisations that usually petition and fight for the objectives of their financial backers, ie Billionaires.

      2. I’d describe non governmental organisations as anything at all that isn’t funded by taxpayers and pushes and agenda or message.

        Some signs of corruption are obvious. Take Milliband getting a six figure sum for refugees. Or Kinnocks Missus. Did you know that if you pay £2 a month, it’ll take eleven thousand of you to donate just to pay her wage. Save the children LMAO! You’ll note she now works alongside Cleggy at faceache.

        NGOs can be found doing anything from disrupting social structure to full on colour revolutions.

        Not all are bad though. Take food banks. They are NGOs. But then they don’t push a message, do they?

  5. Dave – Oh dear. Yet another admission that despite all your long waffling essays and pontificating you and ‘the left’ still don’t have a credible alternative to offer the electorate. Which of Labour’s current policies do you object to, and why?
    Never mind, maybe when he’s finally stopped dithering Jeremy will come to your rescue with his PJ Party. You’ll just have to hope that he doesn’t do what he does best and prevaricate until it’s too late, the clock is ticking.

    1. Two Cheeks
      Make Brexit Work
      Is not a policy, its a sound bite
      Name a Red Tory policy that the man on the Clapham Omnibus has heard of

    2. Red Tories Blue Tories
      Two Cheeks of the same arse
      How alternative is that
      You still playing your Cliff Richard records

      1. Doug – Are you feeling ok,😟
        Perhaps you should have a chat with someone you trust

      2. Early Cliff Richard amazing and ‘Move it’ the best rock n’ roll record ever made, but then the bourgeois BBC has wiped most of the tapes that recorded working class culture from ’50s/’60s.

    3. And what evidence do you have for this delusional statement?

      With a Corporate media in lockstep protecting and pushing The Official Narrative what evidence exists anywhere in the West/Zone A that any alternatives ever receive an objective, rather than negative, hearing?

      It really is time to jettison this colonial Borrell like attitude that the approximate 20% of humanity located in the West and the even tinier percentage represented by England/UK is all that counts.

      You reckon you know all about MMT. That being the case go check out the plethora of Hudson’s existing and available output on geo-politics. The alternatives already exist and are being put into practice outside this rapidly collapsing backwater.

      When the non-viability – which is the real criteria upon which any assessment needs to be made – of the shite you are pushing becomes obvious due to not being able to hide the success of those alternative paradigms elsewhere in the big wider world human nature being what it is will not content to eat your shite.

      If I were you I’d stock up on eggs due to coming shortage arising from so much egg on the faces of useful idiots such as yourself.

  6. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got it. ONE HUNDRED “oh dear”s.
    I claim my prize.

    1. goldbach – 👍🏼Well done㊗️, it’s obviously a reflection on the quality of your contributions.

      1. Toffee – I have worked out who SteveH is.
        He will never give a straight answer to a straight question.
        He is constantly guilty of either repetition or deviation.
        He is Kier Starmer.
        Your prize is a last minute draw with Chelsea.
        Mine is a realisation of the reason for his display of David Gower Syndrome.

    2. Ladies and gents….We have a WINNER!!

      Goldie has won a phone call from keef…. reverse-charged call, of course. 👍

      1. Oh…hadn’t quite finished. Meant to say:

        98 credible alternatives… since last Sunday.”

      2. Toffee – Are you feeling pleased with yourself now that you’ve demonstrated what a clever boy you are?🙄

  7. Labour’s internal party democracy would be straight up red (closed), not even orange(repressed) bordering on red, just red : Imposed candidates, parachuted into constituencies they have no association with, and on an unprecedented scale. Bizarre, unaccountable NEC decisions to exclude long serving loyal councillors from PPC long lists. Overwhelming democratic conference votes brazenly ignored by the leadership. A leader who lied his way to the leadership with a fancy, mysteriously funded £1 million campaign, full of left-wing language and promises of continuity Corbynism, sealed with 10 signed pledges, that were brazen lies.

    There’d probably be a revolt in the Tory party over what Labour CLPs and members are having to endure and tolerate under these RW rogues who’ve stolen the party.

      1. You’ll have been sunning yourself in the Caribbean so you have no idea of the levels of suffering that we endured. For what? Some of us lost relatives, starved, thirsty, clad in days old soiled pajamas. How many MD died from this plague. None, fucking none.

      2. alex = Except for the fact that we were still living in the UK throughout the pandemic. We also have close family who still live in the UK.

    1. Starmer would have tried to mandate the indemnified highly dangerous ‘vaccine’ and would have increased the number of fatalities resulting from their use.

      I take it, charming, that the second speaker in the film (despite being Tory) is the “this is Labour today”?

      Interesting, isn’t it, that the yellow card “adverse reactions” – which for all brands/ versions of the mRNA Covid “vaccines” are significantly higher than for all other types of vaccines combined and accumulated – is to be halted.
      Thank you for the footage link which will hopefully be watched by others and save the lives of them or loved ones.

    2. This speech was so abhorrent to the House that everyone but two left. One Tory crossed the House and spoke to two women who had stayed behind. They then left as did the gray haired Tory. Why?

    3. Congratulations to Bojo…….one of his great successes was the immediate mass vaccination of the British people by Pfeizer, with a poorly researched vaccine. Bojo, big friend of ‘big pharma’.

    4. One mp with a pair. A Tory! God look at them fuckin flee. Masks, jabs, boosters, vaccinations, lockdowns, patients dying horribly… you know constituents. Most of us will never forgive nor forget.

  8. SteveH18/03/2023 AT 9:02 PM
    Toffee – Sorry, but I still have no idea what you are on about.

    Of course not.

    who are you trying to convince, yourself?

    See what I’ve done, there? of course you haven’t.

      1. Toffee – This is what you wrote above “Rather than hand it to that greasy ratbastard to continue austerity, and augment corporate law to the point whereby it supersedes and trumps common law, then why not?”
        If you can’t explain what you’ve said yourself then perhaps you could get a friend to help decipher your thoughts for you.

      2. Self-explanatory. But it’s not my fault you’re too dense to understand what I said.

        See what I did THERE^^^^??

        Of course not. You have no idea of what I’m on about, or so you say.

      3. “If you can’t explain what you’ve said yourself then perhaps you could get a friend to help decipher your thoughts for you.”

        Says the village idiot who constantly refuses to engage when presented with evidence based explanations and simply runs away pretending they don’t exist.

        How very woke.

      4. Toffee and Dave – The only thing we are missing is an intelligible explanation of what on earth Toffee is prattling on about. Can either of you help?

  9. “I was under the impression that it was all about Putin and his narcissistic insecurities.”
    Either this statement is a true reflection of what you think, in which case you are monumentally stupid, or you are prevaricating because you are unable to offer any kind of analysis to justify your simplistic assertions.
    Which is it?

      1. goldbach – I’m quite happy to stick with my assessment of Putin, what sort of man abducts and traffics 10s of 1,000s of children.

      2. I am sure that you will not be prepared to hear this excellent analysis of the ICC action since it doesn’t totally confirm your prejudiced view (I use this term advisedly – prejudice – forming a view without having evidence).
        The first 28 minutes of Alexander Mercouris’ daily report today covers the legal and political manoeuvres which led up to the ICC’s action and an analysis of its validity/or otherwise.
        You may wish to watch the rest of the analysis which covers events “on the ground” and political developments.
        Or you may wish to keep the blinkers on.

      3. Oh, I almost forgot.
        You say “I’m quite happy to stick with my assessment of Putin, what sort of man abducts and traffics 10s of 1,000s of children.”
        Could you post a link to the information that you use to make your “assessment”?

      4. I was almost certain that you’d do that.
        Stress/mental health is a serious subject.
        Mercouris is 1000x the man that you are.
        I’m sure you didn’t listen to the analysis.
        That would make life too uncomfortable in your little bubble.
        Re: “Could you post a link to the information that you use to make your “assessment”?”
        That doesn’t surprise me either since you clearly have no such information.
        You are a joke.
        And a pretty poor one at that.
        You did, however provide one good piece of advice:
        “Ignoring a f’wit”
        And that is what I will be doing in future.
        Good night.

      5. I was almost certain that you’d do that.
        I’m glad you weren’t disappointed

        Stress/mental health is a serious subject. Mercouris is 1000x the man that you are.
        Oh, do you know him personally is he a friend of yours? He’s also part of Putin’s propaganda machine. The fact that you have been taken in by him says so much about you

        I’m sure you didn’t listen to the analysis.
        Is that what you call it? I listened to part of it but soon concluded that I’d better things to do than listen to a discredited RT presenter regurgitating Putin’s propaganda.

        That would make life too uncomfortable in your little bubble.
        Not at all, why would I care. Sensible people will just dismiss it for what it is

        Re: “Could you post a link to the information that you use to make your “assessment”?” “No”
        That doesn’t surprise me either since you clearly have no such information.

        I was clearly expressing my opinion, whether you agree or disagree with it is of little consequence to me or anybody else. If I had been presenting it as a fact then I would have made that clear and more than likely have provided a link. It’s what I usually do, but you knew that already

        You are a joke.
        I aim to please🥱

        And a pretty poor one at that.
        …..and yet here you are AGAIN, like a moth to the flame 🤔

        You did, however provide one good piece of advice: “Ignoring a f’wit”.
        And that is what I will be doing in future.

        ….and the reason that I should care is? ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ Haven’t you said that before? As I’ve pointed out to fellow contributors many times before, nobody is compelling you or anyone else to respond to me. That is entirely your choice.

        Good night.

      6. “what sort of man abducts and traffics 10s of 1,000s of children.”

        Meanwhile, out in the real world lets just look at that statement in the very important (and we know its important because steveH says it is) CONTEXT of what is sold as uniquely “British” values – which we all know steveH stands for.

        Last time I looked, at the very heart of those much touted unique (in terms of putting an enclosure around them) only to the British values was the practice of due process. Where someone is considered innocent until proven guilty.

        Where an allegation is not sufficient to arrive at a definitive conclusion along the lines of “what sort of man abducts and traffics 10s of 1,000s of children.”

        The allegation remains just that. An unproven allegation until it has been through due process. What evidence, other than hearsay from a body which countries such as the USA among others are not signed up to but will comment on when it suits them, do you have steveH to substantiate this conclusion?

        We are all ears? Waiting for you to take your own advice, which you so freely dole out to all and sundry who have a different view to that of your woke induced delusions, by providing an explanation.

        The same Corporate and political media declaring an already guilty verdict simply on the basis of an allegation did exactly the same with other examples – such as the Alex Salmond case, the Iraqi WMD’s, the Kuwaiti babies ripped from incubators and many others – where they ended up with egg on their faces because, like you steveH, they have no substance.

        All mouth and no trousers. Which succinctly sums you up.

        We are waiting. Put up or shut up.

      7. goldbach: “Could you post a link to the information that you use to make your “assessment”?”

        steveH; “No”

        Thanks for confirming definitively that you have nothing of substance to offer to back up the bluster coming out of your gob steveH.

        Could you put your nurse on the line please we need to inform her that her patient is not taking his medication and the woke delusions of made up in the head subjective ‘reality’ are becoming more bizarre and laughable.

    1. Nonce apologists tend to live and speak from dark, moist places. Polar opposite to, err say, the Caribbean. It makes discernment difficult and comprehension and conversation impossible. There are many unfortunate people who suffer from nonce apologia as we professional spotters of this condition term it. We are a small but growing band determined to root it out at the pre-dementia stage of life. Or it could be a form of flu? That has been proved to be annually fatal unless there is something else we can call it and thus help certain corporations to gorge on the profits of various snake oil and jab serums.

  10. “Ignoring a f’wit”. I suspect he meant to say “ignorant f’wit” to charming64, but was so flummoxed that an elected MP was permitted to point-out in the HoC how wrong and dangerous the Establishment’s Covid Narrative is. The propagandist speaking after him was, for me, the “this is Labour today” moment.

    1. qwertboi – Why would you say that, I wrote precisely what I intended to say?
      I thought it was really obvious that my comment was intended to be a continuation of her comment so that together they would read ‘this is labour today, ignoring a f’wit’ but unless you are incredibly thick then I guess you knew that already.

      1. But you didn’t “ignore a f’wit”, did you?

        You provided me with a much-appreciated opportunity to warn people of the adverse reactions caused or accompanied by the emergency-authorised dangerous, experimental “vaccine” which neither reduces infection nor decreases the symptoms of infection.

        Yes, sir, the Covid vaccines are not vaccines at all!

      2. If you were daft enough to have your 27 jabs for an ever decreasing benefit then it’s almost certain your natural immune system is now proper fucked
        Only proviso is its early days but does NOT look good so far
        The whole man made virus to fit an already discredited MRNA technology is slowly being exposed

      3. The decision to give no liability for any harms to Big Pharma means we the people will foot the bill
        Only a matter of time before ambulance chasers start filling their boots

      1. Alex – What is it that you are claiming is accurate and what makes you think that it is?.

  11. . I’m quite happy to stick with my assessment of Putin, what sort of man abducts and traffics 10s of 1,000s of children

    What sort of “man” fails to prosecute high profile paedophiles and paedophile gangs 😙🎵

    What sort of “man” would happily see children go hungry in some sort of perverse notion that doing so will further his already speciously-gained political advancement? 😙🎵

    I’m not putting up any sort of case for putin, and I don’t know if his claims that those kids were orphans are correct – but I haven’t forgotten those reports of how Ukraine have more or less abandoned their (disabled) orphans. And if I’m not mistaken, I seen similar reports from well before the conflict started.

    1. Toffee. Well said. It very much looks like the Chief Turd Polisher is having a nervous breakdown in the Caribbean sun. His mentor’s poll leads are crumbling and the wee lad cannot stand the pressure….Keep it up.

  12. I’m quite happy to stick with my assessment of Putin, what sort of man abducts and traffics 10s of 1,000s of children.

    And I’d like to know just where your new-found concern for children has come from 😙🎵

    1. The WSWS makes the obvious links here:

      “this move is transparently political. It takes place as the US and NATO powers are orchestrating a massive escalation of the war against Russia over Ukraine, and amidst ever more open statements from government officials that the aim of the war is regime change in Moscow.

      The specific allegations filed against Putin and Lvova-Belova are listed under Article 8 of the Rome Statute, adopted in 1998, which includes “grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions” and “other serious violations” of international law. The arrest warrants specifically allege “the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.”

      The official filing of warrants were approved by judges in the ICC and announced by Karim A. A. Khan, a British lawyer and the ICC’s chief prosecutor. It follows months of propaganda, spearheaded by the Biden administration, alleging “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” on the part of the Russian government.

      While the existence of the warrants was made public, the supposed evidence underlying them was not. The specific claims of the “unlawful deportation” of children have been promoted in the US media, including the New York Times, based on unsubstantiated allegations by the Biden administration and the Ukrainian government.”

      This is the woke world of steveH and useful idiots of his ilk. Any claim or allegation becomes indisputable fact under the umbrella of being able to define reality subjectively to suit ones own undisciplined emotions.

      As a result, any objective evidence contradicting the subjectively manufactured reality is attacked not by reference to objective evidence but by going for the man rather than the ball.

      In this regard the favourite comfort blanket is to denounce anyone and everyone presenting evidence which refutes The Official Narrative of the The Officially Constructed “Reality” as a “putinbot” or similar.

      This avoids the severe discomfort and pain of having to deal with reality. As the Australian journalist Caitlin Johnston observes “The safest, most redundant, least courageous thing anyone can do right now is condemn Vladimir Putin”

      And on this general issue of objective evidence steveH more than ably represents the ‘least courageous’ section of our species.

    2. …………and not only that, but according to the BBC and Murdoch’s Media, Putin eats Ukrainian children for breakfast. I want to know why nobody is allowed to describe the disgusting war in Ukraine as Nato’s war? I believe that Russia was wrong to invade, but there were good existential reasons why it did, but neither the BBC nor Murdoch’s Media will allow this statement to be broadcast and if you are a member of Starmer’s Labour Party, you will be expelled, such is the nature of our healthy democracy. Amazing solidarity between all the Neo-liberal capitalist leaders in USA and Europe, in their quest to destroy the Russian economy in the same way it broke up the Soviet Union.

      1. steve101704 0………and not only that, but according to the BBC and Murdoch’s Media, Putin eats Ukrainian children for breakfast.

        Can you provide a link to substantiate your ‘assertions’.

  13. Off topic I know, but I’m bursting to let everybody know how well Fuhrer Starmer is doing these days…

    Labour lead averages 17%. It was 37% on 20th Oct.

    • Opinium 15%
    • Survation 16%
    • ComRes 15%
    • BMG 17%
    • YouGov 19%
    • Techne 17%
    • Omnisis 21%

    It will sink lower….much lower.

    1. Oh, he’s bound to respond to that, baz – in the style of an over-excited footy journalist that thinks a team has won the league if they win their first half-dozen matches on the spin.

      1. Fingers crossed Toffee…

        Mine are…In the hope that he croaks before he gets his boring, worthless and completely irrelevant: “But Corbyn” default reply in.

        Yep, fingers AND toes crossed, baz 👍

      2. Over 24 hours without a response.

        Looks like the cat had tongue for breakfast.

      3. It is gratifying to see how much you’ve all missed me. 😘

    2. Just enough to deny the trilateralist a ‘landslide’ win will be enough. I’d suggest that it’s in everyone’s interest for the centrism-harmed Labour Party to at least occupy Downing Street if people are to see how dangerous Starmer and his ilks are.

    3. Is that more or less than the lead Teesa May had going into 2017 GE
      Only kidding and we know how easy it is going to be to hate Starmer once the lights come on

    4. Two Cheeks
      John Curtice is on record as saying anything from a 4 point Tory lead in the polls and a 14 point Labour lead will result in a hung parliament
      Starmer is already banjaxed

  14. I’ve just checked out the 123 members of the International criminal court and I don’t see either Ukraine or USA listed there.
    [Neither are India or China].
    The Russian Federation is listed.
    Am I missing the trick somewhere ?

    The ICC warrant for V.Putin certainly seems to be the main P.R. propaganda hype for the vassal states of USA all over the world at this time.
    Certain propaganda/troll outlets manage it with more competence and credibility than others.
    Certain outlets have no credibility whatsoever and their posts are routinely treated with derision.

    1. Only congenital liars and frauds would attempt to portray the removal of children to safety and away from bombs and snipers they themselves were financing as some kind of child abduction.

      And only sad spiteful sorry excuses for a human being would not only fall for this bullshit but seek to amplify it at every opportunity.

      If steveH was a horse………

    2. Some other interesting insights in the ongoing education of this sites more excitable and naive denizen can be found here:

      Apparently, this ICC warrant was not issued as a result of a referral to the ICC from either the UN Security Council nor the General Assembly.

      Former Indian diplomat M. K. Bhadrakumar here points the finger for this referral to the once colonial Indian Master who was doubtless seeking to maintain its long deserved record of Perfidious Albion. A record which the incompetent UK elites wear around their neck like the dog in Aesop’s well known fable.

      A smaller version of which can often be found ringing its pathetic lament around the pages of this site from its alleged kennel in the Caribbean. And right now that whirring noise you suddenly heard is the sound of desperation trying dig up some dirt on M. K. Bhadrakumar via a long distance call on the dedicated hot line to GCHQ.

      The other interesting fact which Bhadrakumar reminds us about is that the US, in addition to not a being a signatory to the ICC continues to have on its statute book legislation (commonly referred to as “The Hague Invasion Act”) in which the USA has given itself the right to reprisals against anyone and everyone who cooperates with an ICC warrant against a US citizen.

      Don’t you just love the “Rules based order” and how it works in the minds of the hypocrites not only pushing this but arguing in favour like a dog returning to its own vomit.

      Talking of which. The cat got your tongue steveH?

      1. Dave – It is gratifying to know that you are thinking about me 😘.

  15. The sick thing, is how we’re being corralled into thinking Labour offer genuine change. When one brief glance through their policy proposals bring home the stark reality that they represent no change whatsoever.

    A few months into a lacklustre New Labour govt, and we’ll be getting headlines like : the “Tories start the revival process” – as the same privately educated dominated press pack prepare the grounds to persuade us it’s time to give the Tories another chance, and a 20 year stint in power with a minority of the vote share.

    Everyone should demand proportional representation, to break this shambolic, ruinous cycle of political despair. It may be the case that a genuine party of the left doesn’t do all that well, as SteveH claims, but let’s test that. I think people are crying out for the choice.

    1. Andy – Which of the policies that are a part of Labour’s current policy platform are you claiming don’t represent change or are policies that you disprove of and why.

      ps, I agree that we should switch to a PR system for General Elections, the adoption of PR for NEC elections has proved to be a resounding success, it gave a far more representative outcome.

  16. All’s PR would do is

    A/ Get the rags in with less votes, and when it didn’t, it’d:

    B/ give the balance of power to the lunatic fringe.

    1. The Toffee

      Depends how it is implemented and then how people respond to their votes actually counting. Look at the current problem. Starmer misled members to become leader of New Labour 2.0. But few have fond memories of New Labour, and fewer still want a repeat performance. CLPs and members are powerless because of the vindictive nature of Starmer’s Blairite enforcers’ who’ll suspend CLPs for being mildly rebellious.

      Corbyn’s ‘Peace and Justice Project’ isn’t viable either, because under FPTP, a party needs to be polling around 25% nationally to make serious constituency seat inroads. Under PR, as little as a 10% vote share(perfectly doable) could mean around 60+ (of 600) seats, creating a viable alternative party, one that in a few electoral cycles, could be challenging to become the main opposition.

  17. “I’ve just checked out the 123 members of the International criminal court and I don’t see either Ukraine or USA listed there.”

    Further to my post at 11.30am today – Can anyone confirm my interpretation of the quoted comment here re Ukraine.

    Is this the greatest contrick of all …… !!!!!

  18. Labour Right and Starmer’s possible collusion “to call off strikes “on nothing but an offer of talks or appalling pay offers” tells me that Starmer & Co. are no friend of working people.

    Like invading imperialists the neoliberal Starmerists think a little bit of “divide and conquer” will help them satisfy the no1 requirement of their class: keeping the cost of labour as low as humanly possible

    Someone should explain to them what the cost of living crisis means for most people and sure, they’ll get the billionaires’ gratitude and MSM backing short-term, but they won’t win an election with betrayal like this.

    1. qwertboi

      As much as i dislike Starmer, I have a different explanation: since it’s inflation driving the big pay rise demands (currently 10.10% down from 10.50% last month) if inflation falls as predicted by the financial industry, to below 2% by the end of the year, then the unions lose most of their pat rise demand leverage.

      That is the more simple explanation. Settling for 5-10% now with inflation above 10%, is better than holding out if inflation does start to fall.

      1. That word “if” is doing an shed load of heavy lifting here.

        Talking in general rather than specific terms in this conversation it looks like the Gell-Mann amnesia effect is still operating to its usual capacity.

        The masters of the universe – or at least the one in their own head – are predicting a massive fall in inflation are they. I don’t know about anyone else but with their record I’m certainly convinced:

      2. Dave H I really enjoyed the iTunes video thingy you linked to. Fun and thought provoking. 😗. I can’t bring myself to go to YouTube to get the details about who the performers are, etc, but thanks! And the wider post? Excellent as always ….

      3. Can I have that 2% prediction for inflation in writing, or better still tablets of stone? Food inflation is estimated @ over 16% and rising, as the cost of living crisis makes further austerity and cut backs more likely leading to possible economic stagflation. What’s going to change? If fuel prices remain high the cost of living crisis will persist, but what if this is the intended desired outcome?
        The war in Ukraine must be paid for as it continues indefinitely and more banks may become insolvant in a repeat of 2008 as economic uncertainty persists, but still the stockmarkets remain stable; profits must be good. Economic sanctions and the destruction of Nordstream2 will continue to drive up fuel prices as power companies maintain their ever increasing profits without penalty and large munitions companies, including Elbit Systems UK, can test their products in a ‘live’ theatre in Ukraine; Palestine and Yemen. War is always good for profits.

      4. @Andy

        It’s nowhere near that simple. Take a pound. Inflate it by 10%. Even if inflation returns to zero after this event, it’s still £1.10. only deflation will return prices/wages.

        There will be more coming too, you can count on it

  19. The point being that wage increases need to be set by the ‘buying power’ of the remuneration, yes, I agree. Two things:

    i) wage levels need to increase any / every year in which inflation reduces buying power and one would expect an alleged leader of Labour to be proclaiming this truism as a “position”. (Starmer isn’t, his behaviour is more like that of a torie who resorts to any trick to keep the cost of labour as low as possible);

    ii the alleged leader of Labour is not just ‘seeming’ like a neoliberal capitalist, he is one! He is the UK political world’s ONLY selected‘member’ of a hard-right globalist NGO and pressure group, the Trilateral Commission.

    1. The new Tory gov’t mantra is ‘leave it to the independent pay review body’ with MSM always stressing the word ‘independent’ to describe the ‘gov’t appointed’ independent pay review body.

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