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Labour rebrands as ‘no-principles SNP’ in irony-free self-awareness fail

Lamest possible show of desperation as party masquerades as Scottish rivals during leadership debate

The Labour party under Keir Starmer put its political and moral bankruptcy on show again in the clearest possible way, when the Labour press Twitter account pretended to be the SNP last night and attacked the Scottish nationalist party for having no principles.

The rebranding, complete with ripped-off logo and colours, was an embarrassment and betrayed the complete lack of political vision as Starmer’s party scraped through the barrel-bottom in an attempt to score points when it has nothing but cosiness with the Tories to offer Scotland:

Keir Starmer has broken every promise he made to con his way into the party leadership, betrayed the poor and vulnerable – and has u-turned and gone through feeble, damp-squib ‘relaunches’ more times than anyone cares to remember, while offering nothing but vague and vacuous ‘missions‘ that are abandoned as fast as they are flapped in the nation’s face.

And he mouthed pledges of empowerment to Labour members and to regions and nations – after waging war on member democracy and meddling in Scottish Labour politics to get rid of the elected Scottish leader to please a gang of millionaires in the hope of getting cash from them. So somewhere an irony meter exploded at the idea of Labour accusing any other party of having no principles and no leadership.

If the SNP has only one policy, it’s one more than Labour – unless you count blind loyalty to nazi-ridden Ukraine and slavish ‘unequivocal’ commitment to apartheid.

It was the lamest imaginable way to put on show the fact that Labour is a hollow, rotting husk of a once-great party that serves no purpose other than to give voters the illusion of choice based on rosette colour.

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    1. The utter scum who now run Labour after stealing it from Jeremy Corbyn.

  1. I was under the impression that Labour have been doing considerably better in Scotland since the election of Anas Sarwar as the Leader of Scottish Labour.

    1. Going from 21.9% at the last Holyrood election to 29% now is not exactly “much better”. It’s “slightly less embarrassing” at best. It hardly vindicates Keir forcing our the last Scottish Labour leader when Keir had no right to intervene in Scottish politics at all. The long-term decline in SLAB support was solely due to Westminster Labour forcing Scottish Labour to present itself, effectively, as a Tory Unionist party. Scottish Labour can never win by standing as a centre-right party, to the right of the SNP, in a clearly and permanently left-of-centre country like Scotland.

      1. I wonder how long it will take Scots to forgive SLAB, for going into coalition with the Tories, on local councils, simply to keep the SNP out.

        ‘That’s politics!’ SLAB say.

        Not in Scotland, it’s not. That’s treachery! What works in Southside/Blackfriars, doesn’t work in Edinburgh.

      2. Starmers Labour cannot win the next General Election without Scottish votes. Starmer knows this but he doesn’t want to win it – his remit is to purge the party of Socialist and Anti Zionists so that when the electorate get fed up with the Tories a right wing Zionist Labour party will be in place to win the election (around 2030). By that time Scottish votes won’t matter – Scotland will be independent by then.

      3. @smartboy

        Well done for picking up in that. That’s a nice angle of proof for later.

        Starmer will win the GE. And he will win in the same manner as Joe Biden. A man who didn’t campaign, a man who was losing all key seats except one, a man who suddenly came back from nowhere at 4 am…

        It’s already been decided. Doubt me? Checkout Laura K the day before the last GE when she tells you the results a day early…

      4. But, but, BUT – that’s more than Corbyn ever got…

        …Or some such anti-Corbyn, pro-keef torpid tripe.

      5. Ken – Just look at the changes in Labour’s fortunes as their leader changed. Since Sarwar took over the SNP’s lead over Labour has dropped to less than 50% of what it was under his hopeless predecessors.
        Plus according to the MRP polls Labour are on target at the next General Election to win 12 seats in Scotland, a gain of 11 seats which is a considerable improvement on the single solitary seat that they currently hold.

  2. Seems a bit desperate. Are they trying to get all the votes tjey can one wonders? Maybe their polling is telling them they aren’t going to get enough of thr disaffected Tory votes Sturmer is banking on

  3. Party for fucking idiots all the tingy party being let back into Labour they jut need anna soubry now she could represent scotland for labour its absolutely disgusting what these rats have done to a once great working class party fucking scum the lot of them

    1. they jut need anna soubry

      I was gonna post that it wouldn’t surprise me of soubry was welcomed onto their clique..

      Watch this space…

  4. “I can’t prove that you are tasked by the Trilateral Commission to destroy Labour…. But when I see a bird that quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, has feathers and webbed feet and associates with ducks—I’m certainly going to assume that he IS a duck.”

    Keior Starmer is a centrist neoliberal duck. The MSM can ignore it, but even politically inattentive voters see it as clearly as the noses on his 2 faces.

    1. It is undeniable that you are this blog’s very own self professed expert on quackery 🦆

      1. If, by ‘quackery’ SteveH you mean “dishonest practices and claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically medicine”, then I’m sure even you would have to admit that the Covid lie, promulgated by a Narrative which is ‘bad science’ (3 main: i) masks don’t work against respiratory viruses, ii) pcr tests are incapable of detecting “illness’; iii), the dangerous (mRNA) technology employed by the ‘vaccines which did not reduce infectability or seriousness of illness, have unknown long-term effect on mammals other than impeding fertility and adversely affecting heart health), is not the only one. Food ‘security’ and global warming are both areas of ‘quackery’ where the globalist capitalists are exceptionally dishonest.

    2. When complete and utter bollocks gets four likes, you KNOW that the poster is a fucking shill (just like Steve-fucking fascist H is). Yeah, and I suppose that because even inattentive voters see the noses on Starmer’s two faces, THAT explains why the LP has consistently been ahead in the polls for well over a year now, and more than 20 points ahead of the Tories on average for over six months:

      Yet MORE disinformation from the fascist scum who post on this site!


      Anyway, I came on here to post a link to the following piece of war-mongering garbage (yes, I know the war-mongers and their propaganda machine have been repeatedly claiming this since shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, but I thought this one warranted drawing attention to for several reasons, not least of which is how ludicrous it is anyway, apart from being a massive big black lie):

      Putin ‘is hell-bent on subjugating all of Eastern Europe behind a new Iron Curtain – including Poland and East Germany’

      Vladimir Putin is hell-bent on restoring the old Warsaw Pact after subjugating all of Eastern Europe including Poland, Hungary and the former East Germany, says a Russian expert.

      Professor Grigory Yudin says the dictator’s imperialistic ambitions go even beyond recreating the Soviet Union as a single country, amid Putin’s on-going invasion of Ukraine – a former Soviet state……

      Political scientist Yudin has warned previously that Putin is set on a ‘big war’ against NATO, in which swallowing Ukraine and Moldova are only the appetiser.

      Link to article below

      1. AH, could the reason that even tho’ many voters distrust Starmer and the policies he promotes, he is, nevertheless, the bookies’ favourite to be the next elected PM, have something to do with the anti-representational effect of FPTP?
        I’d say yes and note that the 2-party system it promotes in UK and USA explains why the neoliberal-right have entered and taken over the left wing parties in both countries.

    1. timfrom
      BBC reported MOD briefing, Russians fighting on the front line with shovels, due to lack of ammunition

      1. Part of trench warfare. Ask anyone from the Falkland Islands battles.

      2. BBC? MOD? Oh yes, the soul of dependable, impartial, fact-based reporting! Halfwits to a man (or woman). Fuck ’em.

  5. Lord Ismay said the purpose of NATO was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” In 1949, prior to serving as Secretary General of NATO . Cutting off Germany and the rest of Europe from cheap Russian gas, then shipping in US gas at 5 times the price, plus getting Europe to buy overpriced US weapons systems, Germany has recently increased its defence budget by $100 Billion dollars including a fleet of US F35’s From the United States. In other words, a win win for the US with the bonus of destroying European competition.
    NATO has a major problem, unlike Iraq, both Russia and China have weapons of mass destruction far deadlier than anything used against Japan. They fly so fast they cannot be intercepted.
    The Neo cons [who are in control of the west at this time] want to pivot to Asia to take on China, thus NATO will have at minimum a two front war, throw in Iran and other coalitions of the willing then you have a recipe for the destruction of not only NATO but Europe as well. When Liz Truss suggested this pivot to Asia many people agreed with her. Then George Galloway said at the Oxford Union debate recently “Would you enter a World war fighting for Liz Truss” the idea is preposterous, just as Liz Truss and all neo cons who think like her are preposterous?
    Every thing the Russian Federation did in Ukraine was legal and in line with International law, as regards Crimea, the residents of Crimea voted for independence as was their right under the UN charter i.e. all peoples have the right to self determination, after the referendum was completed Russia accepted the will of the Crimean people to join the Russian Federation, this is how lawyer Reinhard Merkel sees the situation. In his article, he came to the conclusion that the secession of Crimea and the subsequent referendum were held quite in accordance with international law, and not at all in violation of it, as most countries claim. However, Merkel makes a reservation: both the secession and the referendum were violations of the Ukrainian Constitution. However, this is not a matter of international law, and since the Ukrainian constitution does not apply in Russia, Russia had the right to agree to the entry of Crimea into its composition.
    The same principles were applied to the other breakaway provinces all perfectly legal under International law.
    As an aside, many observers were of the opinion that after the coup in 2014 the Ukrainian constitution was null and void. Putin also used the Kosovo precedent when both Germany and the US recognized the independence of Kosovo, even without a referendum.

    1. It’s clear that the Anglo scalphunters have been after this war since the wall came down. They marched relentlessly towards Moscow well before the Maidan coup. They ignored pleas, warnings and red lines. Anything Russian was mercilessly downtrodden and attacked. Athletes, musicians, artists fantastic, world respected writers and conductors all denounced and ostracised. A cultural and economic war preced the tiptoe SMO. Washington expected a Blitz and it didn’t happen. There were never 100s of 000s of snarling Russian troops. In fact the numbers overwhelmingly favoured the ukinazis. The bloodlust of the wast was thirsting than the Ukrainians. A truce at the very least was possible but no. That’s not the neocon/demon way. Enter our fat, coke, alcohol addled pervert. And the killing continues. 4hr life expectancy at the front line. Unfit, underage, mentally ill conscripts chucked into the mincer. Where are the yanqui boots? They’re being sent somewhere else. God help the next country that has been chosen to have peace and democracy spread upon it. I am not a prophet but Taiwan should be shuddering. 99 red balloons? Half a dozen white ones will do.

  6. “The illusion of choice” (beautifully said SW) produces the delusion of democracy.

    This – Electoral Reform and an end to FPTP – could be the issue that the ‘recently-departed’ from Labour focus on to result in a new party which even cowardly SCG remaining-in-abour MPs could support. The promise of it in 2015, when outsider Jeremy Corbyn became leader of Labour, hinted at the appeal of democracy being able to challenge and counter the globalist centrism of neoliberal capitalim.

    Starmer shows us the opposite.

    It’s not just the Labour party that Starmer and people like him are breaking. He’s an excellent example of the reason trust in politicians at lowest level on record. That Keir Starmer is the bookies” favourite to be the next elected PM, despite being so widely distrusted, shows us that democracy in UK is a carefully-choreographed FPTP illusion. Not real at all.

    Time to remember Keir Hardy? When he wanted his embryonic Labour party to “make more socialists”, he told his supporters to talk about democracy (not socialism) because democracy and socialism are indivisible. Get one, you get the other.

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